France Paris Violence Against Women

Story by Ajda Ender In Paris, women protested femicide in the streets. The progress of femicide in France shows that France is lagging behind in human rights. The women protesting femicide in the streets in Paris became the voice of women who are trying to be enslaved by the heterosexist…


Russia and the Hate Media

Story by Ajda Ender Hiding behind the heterosexist family structure that threatens the world, Russia signed an anti-LGBTI convention and committed a crime against humanity. LGBTI Individuals, who were targeted by the traditional heterosexist family structure and traditional moral structure, were again targeted with the contract signed in Russia. The…

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Iran Morality Police

Story by Ajda Ender After the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran, Iranian society is trying to regain its right to life. The Morality Police in Iran acts against human rights and inflicts social, psychological and physical torture on the public because of their clothing and lifestyle. Underdeveloped, condemned to…

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Journalism Master Michael Leidig

Story by Ajda Ender World famous British Journalist Michael Leidig has created international media journalism that respects human rights, ethnic, cultural and gender differences in the international media agencies he owns. Journalism master Michael Leidig has created a news team that respects different religions, races, genders and human rights in…

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Read more about the article Saltwater Lagoon In Spain First Ecosystem To Be Granted ‘Human Rights’ In Europe
Picture shows the votes in the Senate of Spain for the proposal of law, on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. (@Senadoesp/Newsflash)

Saltwater Lagoon In Spain First Ecosystem To Be Granted ‘Human Rights’ In Europe

The Mar Menor in Spain has become Europe’s first ecosystem with the equivalent of "human rights". This means that the seaside saltwater lagoon found in Murcia, Spain, now enjoys a similar legal status to that of people and organisations. The saltwater lagoon’s new legal status came into effect after the…

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Vienna Most Livable City

Story by Ajda Ender In Vienna, Austria, people's rights to life are respected. Vienna has been named the most livable city in Europe. Vienna is the best city in terms of quality of life. The high and quality living standards in Vienna and the respect for human rights in the…

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England, America, Britney Spears, Elton John

Story by Ajda Ender British Elton John, who supported Britney Spears, who was exposed to conservative violence and domestic violence in American society, showed the world the importance of human rights. Britney Spears, who has been the target of the conservative violence of patriarchy for years, has been silenced by…

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Princess Diana England’s Rose

Story by Ajda Ender Princess Diana of England respected the human rights of communities around the world, stood by people in need, Princess Diana stood by Women's Rights and LGBTI rights. At the funeral of the legendary Princess Diana, her LGBTI friend Elton John called Princess Diana the Rose of…

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America, My Body, My Life

Story by Ajda Ender America, which shows the world Beverly Hills, Hollywood, New York and bright lives, is showing its dark side. America, which gives human rights lessons to the world, does not apply the Human Rights Rules. Taking away the right to life of the baby to be born…

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Dreams Come True in England

Story by Ajda Ender Many countries in the world are going backwards on human rights and social rights. People are killed and executed in many backward countries due to ethnic, cultural differences and gender identities. England sets an example to the world in terms of human rights and social rights.…

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