International Transphobic Court Scandal

Story by Ajda Ender

The hateful perspective of heteropatriarchy, transphobic violence entered the courts.

The transphobic judge, who brought the toxic hate mentality to the court, legitimized hate crimes with her poisonous perspective.

Traditional heteropatriarchy courts inflict violence on Trans Women.

Heterosexist oppressive transphobic court judge caused an international transphobic court scandal in Istanbul.

I am a world famous International Journalist, I am a Author I research news for the most important newspapers in the world’s most important news agencies, I prepare news.

I am International Journalist, Author and Trans Woman Ajda Ender.

In the case I brought against my neighbors who committed hate crimes who have been violent towards me for years, the transphobic court judge used violence against me.

The transphobic heterosexist oppressive court judge said that I am a social threat because I am a Trans Woman.

The oppressive heterosexist court judge said that because I am a Trans Woman, I have to pay the criminals I sue.

I filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office about the Transphobic court judge who committed a hate crime against me and made hate speech.

In the lawsuit I brought against my neighbors who have committed hate crimes against me for years and usurped my right to life, my neighbors should pay me material and moral compensation.

The judge, who brought her toxic reactionary mentality to the court, caused an international transphobic court scandal.

The transphobic court judge attacked my women’s rights, my life rights, my social rights and my human rights.

In courts where people’s human rights and right to life should be protected, pressure and violence are applied due to the undeveloped behavior of judges with a reactionary mindset.

The Transphobic court judge, who violated the law and human rights, violated the European Convention on Human Rights and International Conventions, committed hate crimes with a Transphobic hate perspective.

One of the reasons why the Transphobic court judge, who used violence against my Trans Woman identity, used transphobic violence, is that I am a world famous powerful and successful International Journalist and Trans Woman.

In heteropatriarchy societies, in heterosexist oppressive courts, they are trying to impotentiate and isolate Trans Women, making them worthless.

When the hate criminal Transphobic judge saw me as a powerful successful International Journalist, she made hate speeches.

Court judges get their salaries from taxes paid by society.

Court judges must respect society.

Courts and court judges should respect all ethnic and cultural differences, genders, races, religions, languages and human rights in societies.

Heterosexist sovereign courts are a threat to world societies.

Judges with the rudimentary mentality of heterosexist sovereign courts should be punished by the prosecution offices.

Courts that protect those who commit hate crimes, murderers, abusers, rapists, criminals who violate their rights to life, and those who violate human rights are not courts, they are criminal gangs that are complicit with the criminal.

Court judges who protect those who commit hate crimes, murderers, abusers, rapists, violators of the right to life, violators of human rights are not judges, they are members of a criminal gang who are partners in the crimes.

The judge who commits hate crimes by hiding behind the appearance of the court judge is a criminal of humanity and hate.

Law and courts must exist to protect human rights.

The right of life of trans women, who are exposed to heteropatriarchy violence by heterosexist sovereign societies and heterosexist sovereign courts, must be protected in world societies.

Transphobic court judges are a danger to the world’s societies because Transphobic court judges incite societies to commit grudges, hatred, murder and crimes.

Transphobic court judges are a social threat.

Court judges who use violence against Trans Women must learn to respect Trans Women’s rights to life.

Undeveloped minds commit hate crimes.

Ignorance is a mental and behavioral quagmire, ignorant people lead societies to crime and violence.

Criminals who commit transphobic violence are doomed to the swamp of reactionary mentality.

Reactionary mentality, reactionary behavior is mental quagmire.

Courts should protect and respect the social and life rights of Trans Women.

Trans Women’s Rights are human rights.

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