Earthquakes, Killer Buildings, Rights to Life

Story by Ajda Ender

By manipulating people’s social and economic inequalities, contractors are committing crimes against human rights by constructing tombs that cause people’s death instead of houses and buildings for people to live in.

The grave-digger mentality that usurps people’s right to live and shelter, and the bloody mentality of contractors who deceive the society with unstable buildings, emerged with the great Turkey earthquake.

The right to shelter, one of the most basic needs of people, is violated by the demolition of flimsy buildings in earthquakes.

The gravedigger mentality of the contractors with bloody hands causes people to die in earthquakes.

People with bloody hands who attack people’s right to shelter and build rotten and unstable buildings are criminals who threaten their right to live and shelter.

The big earthquake in Turkey was the biggest earthquake disaster that happened together with the 1999 Istanbul earthquake.

The earthquake again caught people in their most vulnerable moments.

The people who were under the buildings in the earthquake, the people who asked for help, the people who were made vulnerable.

The people who build the buildings and sell the buildings to people with painted advertisements that put people’s lives at risk to their right to shelter are criminals who cause the deaths of people who died in earthquakes.

Social housing rights are the most basic need and right of people in the world’s societies.

Housing rights of people living in social and economic inequalities turn into torture.

People with bloody hands selling houses at affordable prices to people living in social and economic inequalities cause people living in social and economic inequalities to die in earthquakes.

People who build buildings that attack people’s right to life are building buildings on wet floors, killers who build buildings with non-durable materials and build graves for people cause people to die.

Criminals who build rotten buildings that are not resistant to earthquakes and sell these buildings to the public do not sell buildings to people, they sell their graves to people.

The earthquake disaster in Turkey showed the whole world that buildings that are not resistant to earthquakes are human graves.

The people who defraud societies to make money, and those who build buildings that usurp people’s social and life freedoms, are usurpers who manipulate people’s housing rights.

With the great earthquake in Turkey, the whole world saw that it is a crime against humanity to justify building unstable buildings and endanger people’s lives.

Housing, health, life and social rights of the people who were waiting for help in the great earthquake were usurped by the bloody people who built the perishable buildings.

Those who build unstable buildings and sell rotten buildings, which are advertised as new buildings to societies, are murderers with bloody hands.

People who build rotten buildings that take away people’s futures and lives with their bloody and criminal mentality are among the greatest dangers threatening societies.

In major earthquakes, people’s rights to food, drink, clothing, shelter, heating and health must be met urgently.

Shelter, food, drink, clothing, heating, health rights are the social rights of people.

Criminals who cause the cries of those who want to live under collapsed, non-earthquake resistant buildings should be punished by the courts.

The dishonest mentality that turns people’s homes and buildings into graves should be punished by the courts.

People’s right to live and shelter must be guaranteed.

Those who built buildings with their gravedigger mentality and bloody hands became human killers in the great earthquake with their undeveloped minds.

Contractors who built rotten buildings with their gravedigger mentality and sold unstable buildings to people committed crimes by violating human rights.

The right to life and shelter of the world’s societies must be respected.

The housing rights of the world societies must be guaranteed.

Living safely in solid buildings is the human right of societies.

World societies should be in solidarity during major earthquakes and life support should be provided to the people affected by the earthquake.

Living in solid buildings is a human right.


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