LGBTI Scandal at the World Cup

Story by Ajda Ender

In Qatar, the reactionary society where the World Cup was held, the weapon of hate speech was directed at LGBTI individuals.

Anti-LGBTI reactionary societies with bloody hands are executing LGBTI individuals in societies dominated by their rotten and decadent mentality.

FIFA, which supported the banning of the Rainbow Armband at the World Cup in Qatar, was complicit in Qatar’s reactionary LGBTI hostility.

Khalid Salman, the world cup ambassador of Qatar, who turns the weapon of hatred towards LGBTI individuals, describes homosexuality as mental damage, showing that Qatar with an underdeveloped mentality violates human rights.

Khalid Salman, who showed the world the mental collapse of the underdeveloped Qatari society, insulted LGBTI Individuals by committing hate crimes and attacked LGBTI Individuals’ right to life in front of the world’s communities.

LGBTI Individuals are not mentally damaged, mentally damaged individuals are people with a rotten mentality who insult LGBTI individuals and commit hate crimes.

Khalid Salman, who uses the language of hate as a weapon, has encouraged societies to commit crimes of hatred and enmity with his hostile discourse towards LGBTI individuals.

Reactionary-minded societies that execute LGBTI individuals are dragging the world to commit sexist hate crimes by making hate speeches and hostile speeches with the blood on their hands.

The killer mentality that executes LGBTI Individuals is usurping LGBTI Individuals’ right to life because of their gender.

The socially collapsed, mentally dead reactionary mentality is trying to lure LGBTI individuals into its dark world.

The collapsed mentality of the heteropatriarchy continues to torture LGBTI individuals physically and psychologically in the world cup held in Qatar.

Heteropatriarchy, which hides its homosexuality behind the heterosexist image and uses the language of hate as a weapon, continues to create societies with a killer mentality.

It is scandalous that FIFA complied with the murderous, toxic and reactionary mindset by banning and threatening the rainbow armband in the world cup.

It is scandalous that LGBTI Individuals, who are tried to be enslaved to heterosexist dominant reactionary mentalities, are threatened at the world cup in Qatar.

The murderous mentality that legitimizes the social torture of LGBTI Individuals threatens the security of life of LGBTI Individuals.

FIFA and Khalid Salman, who committed sexist hate crimes, committed crimes against humanity by legitimizing the hate mentality.

The hate crimes committed by Qatar, with its rudimentary reactionary mindset, against LGBTI Individuals are a threat to world societies.

The dark, reactionary and undeveloped Qatari society tries to condemn LGBTI individuals to the dark world, practices social torture and commits crimes.

The murderous mentality of the Qatari society, which uses executions and hate speech as weapons, should be punished by the courts.

The hate mentality of the Qatari society, which is condemned to ignorance and darkness, is a threat to human rights.

People with a murderous mindset, backward, slave to their own darkness, slave to their own ignorance in world societies, persecute genders in society.

Although heterosexism seems to be dominant in the football world in the world societies, there are too many secret homosexuals in the football world.

The vast majority of people who are homophobic in the football world are secret homosexuals who have suppressed their homosexuality.

Homophobes who make hate speech towards LGBTI people in the football world are cowardly hate criminals who have secret homosexual relationships and cannot confront their gay identities.

Football players and football clubs, who are afraid of their gay sexual identity, hide behind the heterosexist society and make hate speech in the football world, are secret homosexuals who are slaves of their sexual fears.

Those who make hate speech towards LGBTIs are self-punishing hate criminals who are imprisoned in their own bodies.

People who use hostile language and hate speech against LGBTI people in world societies have secret relationships with Trans Women and Gays.

The vast majority of those who act transphobic and homophobic and make hate speech towards Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals are secretly homosexual.

The football world has to respect people’s gender identity, all societies around the world have to respect people’s gender identity.

The hate speech that threatens LGBTI individuals in the Qatari society, which cannot advance in human rights, continues to legitimize the murderous mentality.

Khalid Salman, who made toxic statements against LGBTI individuals in front of the world public and dragged the society into crime, must learn to respect gender identities and human rights.

The Qatari society, which cannot develop sociologically and psychologically, incites the society against LGBTIs by making hate speech with its sick behaviors.

Transphobia and Homophobia are the same as crimes of racism, Transphobia and Homophobia are human rights violations and hate crimes.

Khalid Salman and Qatar society, who instill hatred and hostile thoughts into the society, commit crimes of racism and hate discrimination and lead the society to hate crimes.

Dark, reactionary and underdeveloped mentality threatens world societies.

Khalid Salman’s attempt to impose a backward, ignorant mentality on society is hate crimes.

A court should be filed against Khalid Salman, who is trying to poison the society with the poison in his mind, for his social violence against LGBTI Individuals, and Khalid Salman should be tried in the courts for committing hate crimes.

The disease is violence against people because of their gender.

Violence and hate behavior is the sickly diseased behavior of the killer mentality.

LGBTI individuals are not sick.Murder mentality, reactionary mentality and violence is a disease.

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