France Paris, Police Violence

Story by Ajda Ender

The French Police, trying to silence the society protesting Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform in France, usurped the freedom of expression of the French society.

The French Police, who usurped the public’s right to protest in Paris, tortured people.

Human Rights went backwards in France.

To usurp the freedom of protest of the societies is to try to silence the societies.

Protest is a social human right and freedom of expression all over the world.

Social and psychological wars occur in societies where protest rights and freedom of expression are usurped.

In France, where the freedom of expression of the French society was usurped, human rights went backwards.

The practice of physical, social and psychological torture by the French police with oppressive behavior on society is a human rights violation of France and the French police.

Protesting, meeting and marching are social human rights.

People can protest and march as long as they do not create an event, a protest march is freedom of expression.

In world societies, people should be able to hold rallies and marches without weapons, attacks or committing crimes.

To usurp people’s opinions in world societies is to usurp freedom of expression.

The French police are usurping the freedom of thought of French society.

France and the French police are trying to cage the thoughts and behavior of the society.

In reactionary societies where human rights are violated, it is desired to create slave societies that do not have freedom of expression and will become slaves of governments.

Reactionary governments, oppressing with the mentality that society is a slave to the state, want to imprison people in a mental and behavioral cage.

France and the French police are trying to enslave society for expressing their thoughts.

The violence of the French police against people protesting in Paris is the mentality that society is a slave to the state.

Societies are not slaves of states and governments.

The reactionary mindset is mental slavery and mental illness.

States and governments exist to serve and respect society.

The police do not have the right to put pressure on the society and inflict violence on the society.

The police get their salary from the taxes paid by the society.

States, governments, police should respect and serve all genders, religions, languages, races, people in society.

It is a crime for states, governments, police to exert pressure on society and to apply violence to society.

France and the French police want to create an obedient, fearful slave society with the torture they inflict on society.

The inability of the French police to control their aggressive behavior is a behavioral disease.

The aggressive behavior of the French police is a threat to French society.

The social torture and violence perpetrated by the French police is a crime and the police must be punished by the courts.

The job of the police is to serve the community.

The police have no right to use violence and torture.

Torture is defined as a crime in international conventions and law, torture is against human rights.

Violating the right to protest and freedom of expression of the world’s societies is a crime and is against human rights.

Protest is a human right.

Freedom of expression is a human right.

Free thought keeps people alive.

Freedom of expression keeps people alive.

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