Human Rights Champion German Footballers

Story by Ajda Ender

German football players showed that human rights should be respected to the Qatari society, who committed hate crimes by aiming the weapon of hatred at LGBTI individuals and attacked the right to life of LGBTIs in front of the world public opinion.

The quality and healthy behavior of German football players, which respects the right to life of LGBTI Individuals, has defeated the poor quality and diseased behavior of Qatar, which is hostile to LGBTI Individuals.

Qatar, where the World Cup was held, succumbed to its own mental hatred and mental poison.

German football players became human rights champions in Qatar, where human rights were violated and crimes against humanity were committed.

German footballers against Qatar, who applied social torture against LGBTI individuals, declared victory.

German football players protested the violence against LGBTI individuals by Qatar, which banned the Rainbow Armband in the World Cup, by covering their mouths with their hands.

German football players protested by covering their mouths with their hands against FIFA, the accomplice of Qatar’s reactionary LGBTI hostility, which supported the Rainbow Armband ban at the World Cup held in Qatar.

Protesting against FIFA and Qatar, which created international scandals with their hostility towards LGBTI individuals, and respecting the human rights of LGBTI Individuals, German football players set an example for the whole world in respecting the rights of LGBTI Individuals to life.

The protest of German football players against crimes against humanity in Qatar against LGBTI Individuals who are tried to be silenced and marginalized became the voice of the human rights of LGBTI Individuals.

LGBTI Individuals’ right to life declared victory against Qatar, which used the bloody weapon of its undeveloped reactionary mentality to usurp the right to life of LGBTI Individuals.

Human rights murderer mentalities that create heteronormative societies and apply heterosexist violence to LGBTI individuals with their reactionary mentality are doomed to succumb to their own ignorance.

Societies that do not respect people’s gender, language, religion and race are doomed to collapse.

The sickly enemy mentality that turns poisonous hate speech into a bloody weapon is a sign of ignorance.

All over the world, Women, Trans Women, Men, LGBTI Individuals, all genders, all religions, races have the right to life and have human rights.

Human rights and life rights are legal rights.

Underdeveloped societies that turn the weapon of hatred towards genders, races, religions and languages will be crushed under their own hate mentality.

Reactionary societies that are not mentally trained and unhealed in human rights will remain societies of poor quality.

Quality societies are created with progressive and healthy thoughts that respect human rights and the right to life.

Societies lacking a quality mentality are societies that do not respect human rights and the right to life, and are prisoners of poor quality mentality.

Germany’s respect for social and life rights of Trans Women and LGBTI individuals is an indication of the progressive mindset of German society.

In all societies of the world, all genders have the right to found a family.

A man and a woman can marry and start a family, two gay men can marry and start a family, two lesbian women can marry and start a family.

All genders have the right to marry and start a family, against the toxic and ill mentality of heteropatriarchy, which is anti-LGBTI.

Heteropatriarchy, which hides behind the heterosexist family structure and legitimizes domestic violence and domestic abuse, must respect the right of LGBTI individuals to marry and found a family.

The fact that same-sex marriage is legal in Germany demonstrates Germany’s advanced mentality on human rights to the world.

At the World Cup held in Qatar, German football players showed the world their respect for human rights against Qatar’s reactionary, rotten, decadent, unhealthy and diseased mentality.

Societies condemned to an undeveloped reactionary mentality are societies that are socially dragged into the abyss.

During the World Cup Uruguay Portugal match in Qatar, a fan entered the field with the LGBTI flag and protested against Qatar, and the whole world saw that the LGBTI individuals could not be silenced by Qatar.

Societies without vision cannot go forward and cannot develop.

Societies that legitimize the language of hatred and violence are dragged into massacres of hatred and crimes against humanity.

Limited minds create societies condemned to limited minds, unlimited and advanced minds create advanced societies.

Dark reactionary minds cause hate crimes by creating dark backward societies.

All world societies should respect same-sex marriage.

Trans women’s human rights and right to life should be protected by law.
Human rights and life rights of LGBTI Individuals should be protected by law.

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