United States President Joe Biden

Story by Ajda Ender

Against heterosexist domination, which wants to regulate people’s sexual behavior, United States President Joe Biden approved the law protecting same-sex marriage.

Interfering with people’s gender identities and trying to regulate their sexual behavior in world societies are crimes committed by heterosexist dominant societies against other genders.

President of the United States of America Joe Biden’s signing of the law protecting same-sex marriage is a human rights lesson to the prime ministers of countries all over the world.

Prime ministers who are underdeveloped and with a mentality behind the times are poisoning the societies with their poisonous hate speech against LGBTI individuals and dragging them into crime.

Prime ministers with an underdeveloped mindset targeting sexual behavior and gender identities commit crimes against humanity by attacking gender identities in many countries.

Prime ministers of countries should respect sexual identities and human rights.

The prime ministers of many countries are using the language of hatred against sexual identities as a weapon.

The prime ministers of many countries, who incite the societies to hatred and enmity with their hate speech, show the whole world that they are not developed mentally.

In all societies around the world, all genders have the right to form families.

A man and a woman can marry and start a family, two gay men can marry and start a family, two lesbian women can marry and start a family.

Against the dominance of heteropatriarchy, same-sex marriages should be done in all societies of the world.

Heteropatriarchy does not have the right to govern people’s sexual behavior.

All genders have the right to marry and start a family, against the toxic and ill mentality of heteropatriarchy, which is anti-LGBTI.

Respect for sexual identities should be social respect.

Societies that commit violence against the sexual lives of LGBTI individuals by committing heterosexist hate crimes are ignorant societies.

Private lives of people are guaranteed in the European Convention on Human Rights and it is a crime to interfere with people’s private lives.

Countries that cannot make a sexual revolution and do not respect sexual identities are doomed to ignorance.

The President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, showed the world that he is the prime minister who should be commended for his respect for same-sex marriage.

Societies condemned to an undeveloped reactionary mentality are societies that are socially dragged into the abyss.

Heterosexist family structure and heteropatriarchal violence that threatens the world is the darkest side of undeveloped societies.

There is freedom of thought and expression, as well as sexual freedom.

All world societies should respect sexual freedoms.

Prime ministers who use the language of hatred against LGBTI individuals as a weapon in reactionary societies are cowardly and ignorant people.

The brave prime minister is a person who respects all genders, races, religions and languages.

Prime Ministers and governments do not have the right to interfere with people’s sexual identity and sex life

Transphobia and Homophobia are the same as racism crimes, Transphobia and Homophobia are human rights violations and hate crimes.

Prime ministers, who drag the world’s societies into darkness, ignorance and crime with their hate speech, are using the language of hate as a weapon.

Creating a heterosexist dominant society and imposing heterosexism on society is a violation of human rights and violence against other gender identities.

The sexual revolution should be carried out in all societies of the world.

Prime Ministers of all countries must respect the human rights of Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Defending sexual identity is courage.

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