Politician Muammer Keskin and Freedom of Life

Story by Ajda Ender

Muammer Keskin is the Mayor of Istanbul Sisli Municipality.

Şişli, one of the most important districts of Istanbul, is the district where all genders, races, religions and people live with respect for each other.

Muammer Keskin, Mayor of Istanbul Sisli Municipality, is a successful politician who believes in freedom of thought and respects people’s gender, race, religion and right to life.

In Turkey, where freedom of thought has gone backwards, it has become a crime for people in the society to express their thoughts.

In Turkey, people are judged for their thoughts.

People’s right to think is being violated in Turkey

In Turkey, where human rights are violated, it has become a crime to think, speak, live freely, defend the rights of genders and people.

Successful politician Muammer Keskin says that Turkey is a very beautiful country and that one should act with a sense of justice.

Politician Muammer Keskin says there should be no marginalization in the society in this beautiful country.

Politician Muammer Keskin says about the violations of the Press and Freedom of Expression in Turkey, that in a democratic country, people should have the right to express their opinions without offending others.

Successful politician says freedom of thought is a human right.

The politician, who says that there is no freedom of the press in Turkey, says that people cannot express their thoughts out of fear.

Muammer Keskin says that violating the freedom of press and expression is against human rights.

Successful politician Muammer Keskin shows his respect for freedom of thought and human rights by saying that people should be able to express their thoughts freely, people can think differently.

He says that they care about the elections to be held in Turkey in terms of freedom of the press and human rights.

Saying that people living in Turkey see their gender and race as a human right and should not be marginalized, politician Muammer Keskin says that the human rights of LGBTI individuals, women, all races, religions and genders in society should be respected.

The successful politician says that people should not be marginalized or hurt, and that Istanbul’s Şişli district is a multicultural district and respects human rights.

In a society where there is a dark mentality, the bright mentality of successful politician Muammer Keskin enlightens the society.

Dark mindsets drag society backwards.

Enlightened mentalities advance and enlighten the society.

In the society where the dark age is experienced, it is now necessary to move to the age of enlightenment.

If people are afraid to express their thoughts in public, it means that people’s thoughts are being usurped in society.

Judging people because of their thoughts is a crime and a violation of human rights.

People should think freely and live freely without harming other people.

Judging people because of their gender, race, religion, thought, lifestyle is a crime and against human rights.

In all societies of the world, people should respect each other’s gender, race, religion, thoughts and lifestyles.

Free thinking is not a crime.

Living free is not a crime.

Freedom of thought is a human right.

Freedom of life is a human right.

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