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Story by Ajda Ender

In social life in all countries of the world, streets have become places where people’s lives and human rights are threatened.

The dangers in the streets, the threat of violence goes on every day, goes on day and night.

The streets have become places of social torture.

In the world’s societies, social violence progresses on the streets, people of different genders, countries, races, religions and languages are exposed to physical attacks on the streets and become the target of racist and sexist hate speech.

Verbal, physical, social violence and harassment are practiced on the streets against Trans Women,Women,LGBTI Individuals,and people of different races.

For Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals, the streets have become dangerous places where their lives are threatened. The oppression of Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals on the streets, gendered hate speech, physical and social violence are legitimized in societies.

Racist hate speeches are made on the streets, against people of different races, religions, languages, and racist physical and psychological violence is used.

People walking on the street become the target of drivers while walking on the sidewalk, cars and drivers climb on people walking on the sidewalk, causing death or injury to people.

Even walking on the pavement in the streets is not a guarantee for the protection of people’s lives, because traffic, cars, drivers threaten the right to life of people walking on the pavement.

In all countries of the world, people’s living spaces are restricted by criminals who practice social violence on the streets.

Vagrants and street gangs in the streets usurp the lives of people on the streets, inflict physical, psychological, social and sexual violence on people and restrict the peace of the society on the street.

The streets have become dangerous living places for cats, dogs, horses and birds.

People who inflict violence and torture on cats, dogs, horses and birds on the streets are usurping the lives of cats, dogs, horses, birds and living things in nature.

Streets in societies have become places where social, physical, psychological and sexual violence is legitimized.

Trans women, Women, LGBTI Individuals and people of different races fear that their lives will be threatened on the street and their right to life will be usurped.

Trans Women,Women,LGBTI Individuals and people of different races walk the streets anxiously for fear of being threatened with their lives and facing violence.

Streets and social life should be made peaceful in societies in all countries of the world.

In world societies, life safety should be ensured on the streets and people’s right to life should be protected.

Criminals who use violence and abuse on the streets should be punished by law.

Legitimizing social, physical, psychological, sexual violence and harassment in the streets is a crime against humanity and against human rights.

The right to life of Trans Women, Women, LGBTI Individuals and people belonging to different religions and languages should be protected in world societies.

The right to life of cats, dogs, horses, birds and living creatures in nature should be protected.

All countries should act in accordance with International Human Rights Conventions and European Human Rights Conventions and ensure the security of people’s lives.

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