Heterosexist Society and Gender Inequality

Story by Ajda Ender

The perspective of gender inequality continues in all areas of society.

In world societies dominated by heteropatriarchy and heterosexist family structure, crimes of discrimination based on gender are committed.

In societies where heterosexist family structure is legitimized and other genders are marginalized, genders are subjected to social torture.

In world societies where heterosexist family structure is dominant, the social and economic rights of other genders are violated.

Gender inequality in people’s housing rights has turned into social hatred.

Gender inequality persists in housing rights in societies that usurp the housing rights of transgender women, LGBTI individuals and women and do not respect their right to housing.

In social and economic life, the other genders, who are disempowered and devalued by the society, are pushed out of the society.

Crimes of discrimination in social and health rights and hate language legitimize crimes of gender inequality.

The heteropatriarchal legal system legitimizes violence against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women.

Gender inequality has been going on for years in the heteropatriarchal legal system.

The legal rights of people who are exposed to gender-based hate crimes whose rights to life are violated should be protected and their living conditions should be improved.

The United Nations has defined violence as an illness.

Violence is a disease and must be treated.

Violence based on gender inequality has turned into torture in the world’s societies.

Heterosexist family structure and heteropatriarchy’s gender-based discrimination crimes should be punished by law in world societies.

Societies must respect the right to life of all genders.

People need to respect all genders.

To live is a human right.

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