Hate Speech, Hate Crimes and Violence Against LGBTI Individuals in Schools

Story by Ajda Ender

In a heterosexist society of violence, LGBTI individuals’ right to go to school is being usurped. LGBTI individuals are deprived of their right to education.

Education is a human right.

There is social, psychological and physical violence against LGBTI individuals in schools. Students committing sexist hate crimes in schools are making hate speech to LGBTI students.

Gender hate crimes are committed in schools. Hate crimes in heterosexist patriarchal society continue in schools.

The housing, health, life and education rights of LGBTI individuals are being usurped by the heterosexist society of violence.

LGBTI individuals cannot go to school due to social physical and psychological violence in schools. LGBTI individuals are left vulnerable under threat and pressure in schools.

Hate speech is legitimized in society Hate speech is legitimized in schools.

In a heteronormative society of violence, schools must respect gender identities

Teachers in schools use violence against LGBTI individuals because of their gender identity, and they make hate speech. Teachers and students should be trained to respect gender identities.

In a heterosexist society of violence, parents teach their children the language of hate.Families of heterosexist violence society target LGBTI individuals and commit hate crimes. Children of families of heteronormative violence society also commit hate crimes in schools and in society.

Violence against people because of their gender identity is a crime.

The European court of human rights has outlawed violence against people because of their gender identity.

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