Princess Diana England’s Rose

Story by Ajda Ender

Princess Diana of England respected the human rights of communities around the world, stood by people in need, Princess Diana stood by Women’s Rights and LGBTI rights.

At the funeral of the legendary Princess Diana, her LGBTI friend Elton John called Princess Diana the Rose of England.

England’s rose, Princess Diana, was showing the world that human rights should be protected with her respect for human rights.

By visiting AIDS patients, Princess Diana improved the world’s perspective on AIDS.

The world looked at AIDS patients with a view of hatred, societies did not approach AIDS patients.

Princess Diana gave the world a lesson in humanity with her healthy perspective and behavior towards the life and health rights of AIDS patients.

There was always Princess Diana next to LGBTI Individuals who were the target of hatred in world societies, Princess Diana was LGBTI’s best friend.

Due to the undeveloped point of view of the world’s societies, there is a sickly hateful point of view saying that LGBTI individuals infect the world with diseases. Princess Diana fought against hate discrimination crimes with her close friendship with LGBTI Individuals.

Princess Diana’s close friendships with LGBTI Individual friends Elton John, George Michael, Freddie Mercury and Gianni Versace showed the world community that LGBTI Individuals’ right to life should be respected.

When Gianni Versace was killed, Princess Diana showed her friendship with LGBTI individuals by attending Gianni Versace’s funeral.

Princess Diana continued her humanitarian support to LGBTI individuals by accompanying her close friend Elton John at Gianni Versace’s funeral.

World societies did not respect Princess Diana’s private life, causing Princess Diana to be upset.

Princess Diana broke the traditional rules, she did not behave with the traditional Princess behavior, she always acted close to the society with her nobility and grace.

Princess Diana, who did not submit to patriarchal society, was a role model for women to protect their own rights.

Princess Diana, who showed to the world societies that women can have their own lives and social lives in patriarchal societies, showed the world societies that women should be strong.

With her private life, Princess Diana advocated for women’s rights.
Princess Diana showed that she bravely defended the rights of women by showing that she has her own life and that she can live her own life to the world societies that do not respect women’s right to life and private life.

The rose of England, Princess Diana was the beloved princess of the whole world with her humanity, grace, nobility and humanity.

Princess Diana, the brave woman of the patriarchal society, showed her power to the world by defending her right to life.

Britain’s rose, Princess Diana, was striving for the protection of people’s life and social rights with her friendship with LGBTI individuals, humanitarian support, and support for AIDS patients.

Princess Diana, who lived her own life with her own female power against the pressures of patriarchal society, was the symbol of woman’s power.

Princess Diana was a symbol of women’s and human rİghts, respecting social, cultural, ethnic differences and all genders.

The rose of England, Princess Diana, is a symbol of human rights.

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