American Police

Story by Ajda Ender

New York City Police Department cops used physical violence by punching a woman, American police want to scare the society with their violent behavior.

In the state of Arkansas, USA, the police used torture and wanted to legitimize their hostile behavior.

They tortured and killed the American police, George Floyd, the dark side of America, and practiced hateful behavior.

The constant nervous breakdown of the American police and the practice of torture on the society is a sign that the American police cannot control their behavior.

Unable to control their behavior, the racist and sexist American police are trying to rule American society with their aggressive behavior.

The fact that the American police tortured people because of their ethnic, cultural differences and gender identities shows that the American police need psychological treatment.

The American police want to make the American society obey by using violence, they want to create a fearful society.

The racist sexist crimes of the American police are taking American society backwards.

The American police, who are condemned to the chain of violence with their unhealthy behaviors, show that they cannot improve themselves with their ignorant behavior.

Violence by the police is legitimized in the world’s societies. The police use torture to create fear and anxiety in the world community.

The American police want to silence the American society with the torture they apply to the society.

It is a violation of human rights and a criminal offense for the police to act as if they are managing the society and disrespecting the communities.

American police need psychological treatment for their sickly unhealthy behavior.

The police, who apply social violence and harassment by asking people for their identity cards on the street, detain people by asking for their identity cards and apply torture.

The American police, which causes people to live under pressure, threat, and anxiety, is acting against the law and international conventions.

American police need to improve themselves on human rights and treat society with respect.

The American police, who act like an enemy to the society with their oppression and threats, must act in accordance with the law and human rights.

In world societies, police violate human rights by using torture and violence.

The police, who want to make the society obey and act as if they are the managers of the society, usurp the social life rights of the people and legitimize the social torture.

The police, who use hate language and commit hate crimes with their hostile behavior, violate people’s bodily immunity

Using violence is ignorance, the police who use violence against the society violate human rights with their undeveloped mentality, the police could not improve themselves in international conventions and law.

Social torture and violence by the police is a crime and the police should be punished by the courts.

The police who want to enslave and silence the society by torture should be given human rights training.

The police who want to weaken and silence the society should be punished by the law and the courts.

The inability of the American police to develop themselves in human rights and the practice of torture against the society are pulling back the United States, and the United States needs to improve itself in human rights.

Torture is defined as a crime in international conventions and law, it is against human rights.

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