Revolution and Victory

Story by Ajda Ender

Morality police lose their grip in Iran after Mahsa Amini’s death in Iran

Mohsen Shekari, who participated in the Mahsa Amini protests in Iran, was executed.

The Iranian government, which executes people who claim their right to life, is executing people’s bodies.

The Iranian government, which executed people’s bodies, could not execute the minds and ideas of people who wanted their right to life.

Brave thoughts, brave ideas don’t die, they always live.

Ignorant and underdeveloped societies fear knowledge and advanced ideas.

Societies with reactionary governments see advanced minds as dangers.

The revolution and victory in Iran defeated the reactionary Iranian government.

The Iranian government and the Iranian Moral Police, condemned to the dark ages, caused the death of Mahsa Amini.

Punishing people with the death penalty is against humanity, human rights and is a crime.

The death penalty is not a legal penalty, the death penalty is murder.

The death penalty applied to LGBTI individuals and all genders in Iran is murder.

It is an honor for people to protect their own right to life, gender, religion, language, race.

The dark Iranian government, which causes Iran to be left behind socially, is committing massacres with the death penalty.

Fear comes from ignorance, cowardly people cannot defend their right to life and remain silent.

Courage makes a person survivor.

The dark age-minded Iranian government, which wanted to create a society of fear in Iran, faced defeat.

The Iranian government that executed Mohsen Shekari showed the world the ignorance of its own mentality.

People who are cowardly, discouraged, uneducated, afraid of knowledge, use violence.

The ignorance and fears of the Iranian Government are behind Iran’s death sentences.

The Iranian government, which violated people’s freedom of thought and life, remained powerless in the face of free and advanced thoughts.

The sick mentality of the Iranian government, which wants to create an obedient society and use people as slaves, condemns Iran to darkness.

In reactionary societies they arrest people who express their opinions and punish them with prison terms.

Societies with dark age-minded governments fear societies with advanced ideas.

The dark minds that arrest people for their thoughts are arresting people’s bodies.

People’s thoughts cannot be arrested, thought is free and there is freedom of expression.

Heterosexist family structure and heteropatriarchal violence that threatens the world is the darkest side of undeveloped societies.

The revolution in Iran and the Iranian society claiming their right to life are hopes for human rights.

Human rights are going backwards all over the world, human rights violations are advancing.

Innovation in people’s minds in world societies will create innovation and progress in their lives and societies.

Using the death penalty as a weapon and threatening the society is a crime against humanity.

Governments cannot decide how people should live, how people should think.

People live as they want and think as they want without harming the freedom of others.

The Iranian government with a dark age mentality, which legitimizes social torture against LGBTI individuals, commits sexist hate crimes, and usurps people’s right to life, is losing its dominance in the face of Iranian society.

The sociological and behavioral failure of the Iranian government and the sick mentality of violence are causing the society to revolutionize in Iran.

Courageous mindsets are mindsets that claim their right to life.

Bravely developed mindsets create brave and human rights-respectful societies.

Courage is success.

Change and revolution begin in people’s minds.

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