Afghanistan and Slavery

Story by Ajda Ender

The savage mindsets, who are afraid of knowledge, education, and progress from the book, want to create dark societies.

The Taliban is a street gang that wants to create slaves and a dark society behind the times.

The Taliban, which has plunged Afghanistan into darkness and slavery, is not a government, not a country ruler.

The Taliban, who want to establish a dark and outdated country, is a street gang criminal against humanity.

The Taliban are slaves of ignorance chained to ignorance.

The Taliban’s prohibition of women from going to university in Afghanistan stems from the Taliban’s fear of education and books, without progressing in knowledge.

Knowledge develops the mind, knowledge is freedom of expression, the knowledgeable mind does not become a slave, the knowledgeable mind does not obey.

The Taliban’s fear of education wants to create a society of enslaved minds.

The street gang-minded Taliban want to chain the minds by creating an enslaved society that doesn’t speak or think.

The Taliban is trying to create an underdeveloped country behind the times, usurping people’s right to education.

Education is a human right, knowledge is power.

It is against human rights to oppress and threaten the society by enslaving the minds with oppressive thoughts and behaviors.

The Taliban is a street gang that threatens societies, trying to impose its reactionary dark, diseased mentality on societies.

The Taliban, which has captured Afghanistan with mental and behavioral pressures, is trying to instill the poison of ignorance into societies.

The toxic-minded Taliban, who want to create an obedient society, also want to draw societies into their own darkness.

Bright minds are the fear of reactionary dark-minded societies.

The bright mind becomes knowledgeable, there is freedom of expression in the bright mind.

Dark-minded societies are afraid of knowledge, freedom of expression, development and progress, because dark minds are cowards who are held captive in chains in their undeveloped lives.

The Taliban, who want to enslave lives and chain lives, is a street gang that is enslaved by its own darkness and cowardice.

The Taliban, who want to condemn the Afghan society to their own mental ignorance, are hate criminals who commit hate crimes against humanity.

Societies dominated by heteropatriarchy fear knowledge. Societies dominated by heteropatriarchy declare war against information and freedom of expression.

Heterosexist dominant societies hide behind heterosexist family structure against freedom of information and expression.

Uneducated societies create dark minds.

Ignorance and lack of education lead to dark societies.

Ignorant and underdeveloped societies fear knowledge and advanced ideas.

Societies with reactionary governments see advanced minds as dangers.

Education is a human right.

Preventing people from going to school is a crime against humanity.

It is against human rights to usurp people’s right to education.

Education is enlightenment.

Education is the right to life.

It is a crime to chain people’s minds, to condemn people to a dark reactionary mentality.

Violating the rights to education is mental murder.

The knowledgeable mind is the brave mind.

The developed mind is freedom of expression.

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