Transphobia, LGBTI, Police

Story by Ajda Ender

There was an armed attack in Oslo, Norway, people’s right to life was taken away, crimes against humanity were committed and Pride Pride Parade could not be held.

Istanbul Pride Parade was banned in Istanbul, although the Pride Parade was banned, LGBTI Individuals held a Pride Parade for their right to life.

LGBTI Individuals targeted by the police were subjected to police violence during the Istanbul Pride Parade.

During the Istanbul Pride Parade, human rights were violated by the police.

State institutions incite the society to hatred, hatred and enmity by making hate speech against LGBTI individuals and commit crimes against humanity.

It is a human right to hold a peaceful march and to defend the rights and lives of people in marches.

Police violated the European Convention on Human Rights, International Conventions and Laws of Law with their violence in the LGBTI March in Istanbul, and the police committed a crime.

LGBTI Individuals defending their right to life in the Pride Parade were unlawfully arrested in violation of their human rights.

The social hate violence of the police against LGBTI Individuals is against human rights and is legally a crime.

Despite the prohibition of the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade, LGBTI individuals who made the Pride Parade to defend their right to life became the target of the Heteropatriarchy society.

The heteropatriarchal society, which bans LGBTI Pride Marches, wants to devalue, silence, incapacitate, marginalize and use violence against LGBTI Individuals.

Police threw the LGBTI flag in the trash, the police disrespect to the LGBTI Flag legitimizes social violence.

In the heteropatriarchal society hiding behind the heterosexist family structure, they want to usurp their right to life by intimidating Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals with the threat of violence.

Police should be trained to respect the Gender Identity, life rights, human rights and social rights of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Police officers who perpetrate social and physical violence against LGBTI individuals during the Pride Parade, disrespect LGBTI individuals’ gender identities and usurp their right to peaceful march should be punished by the courts.

Disrespecting the gender identity of LGBTI Individuals by the police is a violation of human rights.

It is a crime to forcibly heterosexualize society with gender impositions.

Applying violence to LGBTI individuals by making heterosexual gender impositions is psychological and social torture.

It is a crime to impose heterosexist society, isolate LGBTI individuals from society and disrespect their gender identity.

The progress of societies is possible with the development of people in society, the expansion of their vision and respect.

It is a crime to legitimize transphobia and LGBTI hostility in world societies.

Legitimizing the transphobic and anti LGBTI behavior of the police in communities is a crime and is against International Human Rights Conventions.
Trans Woman Politician Niler Albayrak, whom I spoke with about the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Parade ban, says that LGBTI individuals living in Turkey are having a hard time, their safety is not protected and they are being targeted. She says that it is forbidden to sit in cafes during the Pride Parade, transportation services are not provided to prevent the Pride Parade, and freedom of transportation is restricted.

When I asked about the police throwing the LGBTI Flag in the trash at the Istanbul Pride Parade, Trans Woman Politician Niler Albayrak said, “I see the police throwing the LGBTI Flag in the trash as a helpless action that cannot intimidate freedoms. Our world symbol of freedom has adopted our LGBTI Flag.

World societies should respect the gender identity and right to life of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Trans Women’s Rights are Human Rights, LGBTI Rights are Human Rights.

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