I Am Woman, Bodies for Sale

Story by Ajda Ender

The fact that women are the first goods sold in the world shows the disrespect that has been done to the female body for centuries.

The female body has been sold for centuries.

Their families disrespect women’s bodies by selling women to other men and marrying them off.

Selling women to men for money and marrying them off is the traditional domination of heteropatriarchy over the female body.

Families that sell women to men for bride price and marry them off are criminals who do not respect women’s bodies and lives.

The traditional behavior, which sees women as the honor of the family and the man, was created to dominate women’s bodies and their lives.

The traditional honor mentality has legitimize the killing of women by their families and men for centuries.

Men who hide behind the traditional honor mentality kill women under the name of honor killings.

Forced selling of women to prostitution gangs and forcing women to do sex work is the mentality of dominating women’s bodies and lives.

Sex work is a profession, women or trans women should do sex work if they want to do sex work themselves.

Forcing Women and Trans women to sex work is a crime.

The mentality of dominating women’s bodies and lives strives to devalue and incapacitate women.

Heteropatriarchal courts give reduced sentences to men who commit murder when a woman is killed, and legitimize the crimes of men who commit murder.

Heteropatriarchy courts have been committing hate crimes against Trans Women for years.

Heteropatriarcal courts legitimize hate crimes against Trans Women.

Heteropatriarcal Courts protect the killers of Trans Women and Women who were burned to death.

Men who kill women under the name of honor killings receive reduced sentences from the courts

Heteropatriarchy, heterosexist courts protect men who commit crimes against trans women and men who commit crimes against women.

The mentality that does not want the existence of Trans Women and Women and tries to push Trans Women and Women out of society prevails in the world’s societies.

Social violence is on the rise in a world dominated by the mentality that does not respect trans women’s and women’s rights to life, human rights, and their bodies.

Women’s and Trans Women’s bodies are not for sale.

The mindset of women and trans women to dominate their bodies and lives is a criminal mindset.

A legal system that protects the bodies and lives of trans women and women should be established.

World societies must respect the bodies and lives of women and trans women.

I Am Woman, My Body, My Life, My Domination.

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