Journalism and Courage

Story by Ajda Ender

Journalism is the most important and prestigious profession in the world.

Journalism requires making the invisible visible, it requires making the voices of those who cannot be heard heard.

Journalism requires being brave and fearless.

A war is waged against journalists in the world’s societies to discourage, scare and silence journalism.

Courts are opened and unlawful violence is applied to journalism because of the news they make against newspapers and journalists

Journalists arrested and imprisoned for their reporting are subjected to unlawful social torture.

Journalists who are unlawfully arrested by the police are punished by the courts with unlawful prison sentences.

The violence of the police against journalists is an effort to limit the freedom of information of the society.

In the world’s societies, the police are using physical and social violence against journalists, they are trying to scare the journalists.

Violence against the prestigious journalism profession has been going on in societies for years.

Journalists are exposed to the physical and social violence of the society while reporting on the streets.

Those who cannot be heard make their voices heard thanks to the profession of journalism.

Journalism must be done with courage and without fear.

Those who perpetrate violence against the journalism profession and journalists should be punished by law.

The European Court of Human Rights includes freedom of expression and freedom of information.

Freedom of expression cannot be prevented in world societies, it is a crime to prevent freedom of expression.

Freedom of information cannot be prevented in world societies, it is a crime to prevent freedom of information.

Freedom of expression and freedom of information are human rights.

World societies should respect journalists and the journalism profession.

Journalism cannot be silenced.

Journalism is fearlessness.

Journalism is courage.

I am a very brave international journalist.

I am proud of my International Journalist Identity.

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