America, My Body, My Life

Story by Ajda Ender

America, which shows the world Beverly Hills, Hollywood, New York and bright lives, is showing its dark side.

America, which gives human rights lessons to the world, does not apply the Human Rights Rules.

Taking away the right to life of the baby to be born is against human rights. If the woman who will give birth is not ready to become a mother, it is against human rights to force a woman into a mother.

America’s abortion law stripped women of decision-making power over their bodies.

People make their own decisions about their bodies, and if the law or society violates people’s decision-making powers over their bodies, they are committing a legal crime and violating human rights.

A pregnant woman may not be psychologically and physically ready to deliver the baby.

The woman who will give birth to the baby may have social and economic concerns.

The woman may have become pregnant as a result of rape.

The abortion law, which emerged from America’s visionless perspective, violated the bodily immunity of women.

Human rights are going backwards in America, where a black woman is humiliated and social violence is justified at the awards ceremony watched by the world.

America is very successful in music, cinema and art, but it cannot show the same success in human rights.

Abortion law is an act of violence against women, taking away the physical freedom of women, restricting women’s lives.

To pressure people to vaccinate during the pandemic is to violate people’s decision-making authority over their bodies.

It is illegal to prosecute women who have abortions and to punish women for having abortions in court.

While America violated human rights with racism, police violence, armament, it committed crimes against humanity by taking away women’s right to abortion.

The advancement of gendered crimes all over the world, America’s sexist human rights violations are a threat to the world’s societies.

Protection of people’s bodily rights is a legal and human rights rule.

World societies should respect people’s bodily rights.

People’s bodily rights are people’s rights to life.

It is a crime to force people to vaccinate, to deprive people of their right of bodily decision, and to bully their bodies.

The bodily immunity of people and their authority to make decisions about their bodies should be protected by law.

America needs to be educated about racism, police violence, armament, sexist crimes, human rights.

The whole world should respect people’s bodily freedoms.

My Body, My Freedom, My Choice, My Rights

The American Dream Should Be Human Rights.


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