Marilyn Monroe A Life in Hollywood

Story by Ajda Ender

Marilyn Monroe was a woman who cried behind her smiling face in American patriarchal society.

Marilyn Monroe, a victim of domestic violence and abuse, was perhaps silenced and screamed silently in the face of violence.

Marilyn Monroe was an unhappy woman who seemed happy in the glittering Hollywood world, the traumas she had suffered over the years and the violence had created earthquakes in Marilyn Monroe’s psychology.

Domestic violence and abuse, which are legitimized in societies all over the world, created whirlwinds in Marilyn Monroe’s life.

Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful radiant woman in the movies, spent her childhood in foster families and orphanages.

The real life of the smiling woman in the movies was not happy and bright, she was trying to survive with the traces of childhood traumas and psychological violence.

Marilyn Monroe, who became famous in American patriarchal society and died suspiciously in a life full of fame and wealth in American society, was a victim of patriarchy.

Women and Trans Women are killed by being thrown from the windows of buildings, buried in stones, and the murderers give the murder the appearance of suicide.

Suspicious Trans Women and Women deaths are increasing in the world’s societies.

The patriarchy, which tried to silence, incapacitate, devalue and weaken Trans Women and Women, also tried to dominate Marilyn Monroe’s life.

Childhood traumas and domestic violence and abuse in orphanages and foster families caused depression in Marilyn Monroe, and she began to receive psychological treatments.

Marilyn Monroe is an example of how social and domestic violence creates earthquakes in people’s psychology.

Imprisonment of Marilyn Monroe in a psychiatric clinic is a crime and against human rights.

The restriction of Marilyn Monroe’s freedom and her imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital is social and psychological violence.

The incarceration of Marilyn Monroe in a psychiatric hospital is an attack on Marilyn Monroe’s body and honor.

The social and psychological torture applied to Marilyn Monroe is the violence perpetrated by the patriarchy.

The corpses of Trans Women and Women who were killed and hidden under the armpits, under the beds, killed and hidden in the garden of the houses are suspicious deaths.

The death of Marilyn Monroe is also a death full of secrets.

The death of Marilyn Monroe, who was found dead in her home in Los Angeles in the USA, was a secret death that seemed like a suicide.

The suspicious death of Marilyn Monroe, which can be shown as an example of Femicide, remained a mystery.

Patriarchy violated Marilyn Monroe’s women’s rights, human rights.

Maybe Marilyn Monroe was being silenced, she had silent cries that she couldn’t explain.

Marilyn Monroe was silenced by the tears and secrets she could not shed in the American patriarchy.

The suspicious death of Marilyn Monroe, which has not been enlightened for years among suspicious women’s deaths, and perhaps not wanted to be clarified, shows that Trans Women and Femicide murders are legitimized in world societies.

Behind Marilyn Monroe’s makeup and radiant life was the life of a woman who was a victim of violence.

Legitimizing Violence and Murders is a crime and against human rights.

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