Housing Rights in the World’s Societies

Story by Ajda Ender

In all societies of the world, people’s right to shelter is being usurped due to gender inequality, racial and religious differences.

Housing rights of people who live in social and economic inequalities turn into torture in world societies.

Trans women, LGBTI individuals and Women living in gender inequality in society cannot find a home to live in.

In world societies, they do not rent houses to Trans Women,LGBTI individuals and Women because of their gender.

With the language of legitimized anger and hate speech, the right of life and accommodation of Trans women, LGBTI individuals and Women are being usurped.

Houses are not rented to people of different religions and races because of their race and religion, racism hate crimes are committed.

In social and economic inequalities, homeless people living on the streets are deprived of their right to social health, shelter and life.

In world societies, people’s right to live and shelter should be provided within human rights.

Societies that commit sexist hate crimes are expelling transgender women, LGBT people and women from their homes because of their gender.

Societies that commit racist hate crimes throw people out of their homes because of their religion and race.

It is a crime to legitimize the usurpation of people’s right to life and shelter because of their gender, religion and race in societies.

People’s right to live and shelter should be ensured.

It is a crime to apply social violence to people because of their gender, religion, race, and to usurp their right to life and shelter, and it is against human rights.

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