Prince Harry, British Press

Story by Ajda Ender

Prince Harry says he will reform the British press, there is revenge behind his rhetoric to reform.

Journalists and the Press are not slaves of individuals and institutions.

Journalists and the Press tell the truth and announce the truth to the world.

The duty of journalists is to announce the truth to the world community and to show the truth to the world community.

Prince Harry’s threat to the British press is to threaten journalists

Prince Harry will always need the British press and journalists he threatens.

Journalists and the press make the voice of those who cannot be heard be heard to the world, and show the invisible to the world.

Prince Harry’s threats against the British Press, which he is trying to silence, are a threat to journalists journalistic rights.

Prince Harry’s attempt to use his social, economic power, fame and Princely power on the British press and journalists shows the whole world that he is violating the rights of journalists.

Journalists and press do not take orders from individuals and institutions.

Prince Harry is trying to create contemporary slaves in the British media.

The British media and Journalists are not Prince Harry’s slaves, Prince Harry cannot give orders to the British Media and Journalists

Behind Prince Harry’s desire to reform British Media is his desire to manage British Media.

Prince Harry or other people, institutions, states cannot enslave and manage the British media, journalists, televisions and world media.

Prince Harry will respect the British media and journalists.

Journalism is one of the most prestigious and important professions in the world.

Since there are journalists and media, the whole world hears social events and people’s voices.

Journalism and the press are one of the most important forces in the world.

Thanks to journalism and the press, the whole world sees and hears the social realities.

Thanks to journalists and the press, the truth behind the events is illuminated.

Thanks to journalism and the press, the world’s societies are moving from darkness to light.

What will illuminate the darkness in Prince Harry’s life is the British press and journalists he threatens.

Thanks to the British press and newspapers, Prince Harry will also reach bright times from his dark times.

It is dark age mentality that Prince Harry said he wanted to reform the British press.

The oppressive system, which wants to silence and manage the Journalism Profession and Televisions, wants to usurp the freedom of information of societies by imposing a broadcast ban on news.

With the abolition of censorship in the British press, journalists and writers gained their freedom, England became the first country in Europe to ban censorship.

Libertarian mentality instead of authoritarian mentality in the press was first adopted in England and later in other countries.

The homeland of freedom of thought and press is England.

Instead of the authoritarian mentality in the press, a libertarian understanding should prevail.

Prince Harry’s dark age mentality is a threat to the British press and journalists.

Prince Harry does not have the right to usurp society’s freedom of information.
To impose a broadcast ban on the news is to be a partner in the crimes of the criminals who are the subject of the news and to praise their crimes.

British journalism and British media is an example to the whole world in journalism freedom of expression.

British journalism, the British media’s journalistic freedom of expression is always an example of human rights for all world societies.

The lack of freedom of the press limits other freedoms. The press has been described as the fourth force because it is a tool to keep the public fully and accurately informed about what is going on, and to ensure that governments, institutions, organizations and officials at all levels are scrutinized against and by the public.

Responsibilities such as the public’s right to receive information and the right to access the truth are the duty of journalists. These responsibilities and duties are the most important factor in the emergence of the media as the fourth power.

Dark minds cannot put pressure on journalism and the press.

Individuals and institutions cannot put pressure on journalism and the press.

The press is freedom of thought.

Journalism and the press must be strong, brave, fearless, loud.

Journalism and the Press bring the world’s societies from darkness to light.

Journalism, the press must be bold and loud.

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