War, Peace, Forgiveness

Story by Ajda Ender

Wars have become traditional in societies around the world for years.

Wars between countries, wars between societies, gender wars, domestic wars, types of wars have increased.

War between countries wears out the societies of the countries socially, economically, physically and psychologically.

In wars between countries, people’s right to live is taken away, their social, economic and housing rights are taken away, and people cannot reach their health rights.

Gender wars have been going on in societies around the world for years.

Social violence against people of different genders is on the rise in societies around the world

Physical and psychological torture applied to different genders turns into social and economic torture.

For years, domestic violence has become a war in societies.

Domestic violence has turned into a physical, psychological and social war.

Emotional violence and pressures applied to people within the family in societies create wars within the family.

Forgiveness changes people’s lives, it opens new paths for people.

Social violence and wars, feelings of enmity and hatred create disease.

Forgiveness can heal the world.

It is possible to build a new life by forgiving, to live healthy, with a new and positive perspective.

Unforgiveness leads to wars, societal violence and disease in people’s bodies, in their lives, in the lives of the world’s societies.

Wars will turn into peace when world societies are freed from traditional feelings of hatred and enmity.

Forgiveness is the medicine that can heal the world.

Forgiveness brings new beautiful life.

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