Sanna Marin and Finland

Story by Ajda Ender

Patriarchal societies that try to subjugate women and trans women The Finnish prime minister, Sanna Marini, targets because of her private life.

Patriarchal societies try to enslave women and trans women.

The patriarchy, targeting the Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin, who broke the classical prime minister rule, is trying to subdue Sanna Marin.

It is a crime to violate the privacy of Sanna Marin’s private life, who faces social violence due to her private life.

Heteropatriarchal societies that try to de-identify women and trans women also inflict violence on women’s and trans women’s private lives.

The patriarchal societies that judge Sanna Marin, who showed the power of women by breaking the traditional prime minister rule, by using psychological violence, want to criminalize Sanna Marin.

The patriarchy who is trying to humiliate Sanna Marin by using her private life does not want women to have power.

Sexist attacks on Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin because of her private life are traditional patriarchal attacks.

Traditional patriarchal attacks that try to devalue trans women and women threaten trans women and women.

The traditional perspective of violence, which does not want trans women and women to have self-confidence and the right to live, wants to dominate the world’s societies.

The sexist violence against Sanna Marin in Finland because of her private life shows once again that women do not have a name in world societies.

Patriarchal violence that wants to make Sanna Marin obey is traditional social violence in world societies that wants to make women and trans women obey.

The ignorant people who poison societies with their undeveloped ignorant thoughts are hate criminals who practice social violence.

Patriarchal societies that attack the bodies and lives of women and trans women are violating women’s and trans women’s private lives and usurping their right to life.

The traditional view of social violence wants to discourage Sanna Marin, who dares to live her own life.

Trans women and women who face social violence in the world’s societies face sexist hate attacks on the streets and in their living spaces.

Patriarchal societies usurp the right of life of trans women and women, who have to live under the target of hate language and hostile behavior due to their private lives.

Traditional patriarchal violence wants to de-identify women and trans women, and it wants women not to have a name.

The progress of societies is possible with the development of societies themselves.

Reactionary ideas create lagging, undeveloped societies.

Societies left behind with reactionary thoughts use violence and commit hate crimes.

People who live with reactionary ideas trapped in their mental cage commit hate crimes by spreading toxic thoughts to societies.

World societies need to respect the bodies and lives of trans women and women and respect their human rights.

Those who commit traditional gendered hate crimes with their unhealthy thoughts and unhealthy behaviors threaten the world’s societies.

Those who commit traditional gender-based hate crimes by committing violence against Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin because of her private life are hate criminals who legitimize violence against women in world societies.

The human rights of Trans Women and Women must be respected in all societies of the world.

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