Italy and Racist Behavior

Story by Ajda Ender

The act of racial hatred, when the Italian man brutally beat the Nigerian man to death in the middle of the street, was appalling.

The society’s monitoring of the Italian man’s racist hate attack on the Nigerian man, and his failure to intervene. The Nigerian man’s murder with a racist attack shows that racist hate crimes are justified in Italy.

Racist behavior towards black people in the middle of the street in Italy revealed the horror of racism.

Legitimation of ethnic cultural racism in Italian society reinforces hate crimes against black people.

The football player, who was exposed to racist behavior in Italy, committed suicide due to racist hate crimes.

The fact that Italian society is behind in human rights is a threat to the world.

The absence of a violence and hate discrimination law protecting the rights of LGBTI individuals in Italy legitimizes the attitude of hatred towards LGBTI individuals in Italy.

Italy’s lack of education in human rights and gender respect is a human rights violation.

The racist behavior that Naomi Campbell was exposed to at the airport in the country she was traveling to shows that the racist point of view is spreading rapidly around the world.

Racism and sexist hate crimes are the same, not different from each other.

Sexist hate behavior is the same as racism, it is a big crime, it is against human rights.

The unhealthy behavior and unhealthy perspective of the Italian society on human rights caused the Nigerian man to be beaten to death in the middle of the street for racist reasons.

The easy killing of black people on the street by violating their right to life shows that hate crimes take their power from lawlessness in the world’s societies.

Transforming the language of anger and hatred into racist and sexist attacks is a danger to the world’s societies.

It should be taught that people’s race, religion, gender, language and right to life should be respected within the family in world societies. Human rights should be taught within the family.

It should be taught in schools and universities in the world societies that people’s race, religion, gender, language and right to life should be respected. Education should be given on the human and life rights of LGBTI individuals.

Racist hate behavior, toxic racial hate speech in Italy, America and other countries should be punished by law.

Racist behavior, sexist hate behavior is a crime against humanity and is against human rights.

Italian society should respect people’s race and gender.

Hate crimes are ignorance and lack of education.
It is ignorance, a hate crime, a crime against humanity that societies torture people because of their race and gender.

The societies of Italy, America and other countries that commit racist crimes need to be educated in order to create a healthy attitude and perspective towards human rights.

World societies advanced in human rights are possible with healthy behaviors and a healthy perspective.

People’s rights to life must be protected in all societies of the world.

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