Journalism Is Not A Crime-Journalism and Freedom of Expression-Using Violence Against Journalists is a Crime

Story by Ajda Ender

Violence against journalists has been going on for years, and journalists have been pressured to live in fear and threat for years.

Journalists are unlawfully arrested for reporting truthfully and honestly, they are detained illegally. They are forced to live in prison. The right to life of journalists is taken away. They are sentenced to live in social and economic violence.

Journalists killed for reporting, journalists who were threatened, journalists assassinated for reporting, journalists killed for using their freedom of expression and freedom of the press, violence against journalists in the society are legitimized. Journalists’ human rights are being violated.

Journalists who are physically and psychologically assaulted and subjected to violence while doing journalism are forced to live in trauma.

There is freedom of expression in the European convention of human rights, the United Nations universal declaration of human rights. It is a crime to use violence against people because they use their freedom of expression and express their opinions. It is a crime to usurp people’s thoughts.

For societies to progress, freedom of expression and freedom of thought must be respected.

The journalism profession must be respected, journalism is not a crime, violence against journalists is a crime, arresting journalists for reporting truthfully and honestly is a crime

It is a crime to usurp the freedom of thought and expression of journalists.


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