Queen Elizabeth and England

Story by Ajda Ender

In the heteropatriarchal world, Queen Elizabeth of England showed the name of women and the power of women to the whole world.

The presence of a female dominated female ruler against the heteropatriarchy dominated world was very important in terms of showing the power of women to the world.

In heteropatriarchal societies that want women not to have a name, Queen Elizabeth has proven that women can have a name.

England and the whole world were shocked by the sudden death of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth was a brave woman with strong demeanor.

When Queen Elizabeth greeted Princess Diana’s funeral, the whole world saw Queen Elizabeth’s support and power of women as a female monarch.

The society said that Queen Elizabeth was distant towards LGBTI Individuals, it was spoken that Queen Elizabeth did not like LGBTI Individuals.

Queen Elizabeth respected LGBTI Individuals and their rights to life.

Queen Elizabeth was friendly and respectful to LGBTI individual.

Queen Elizabeth proved her friendship and respect for LGBTI Individuals by knighting Elton John.

Queen Elizabeth, who was the target of the criticism of the world societies, always maintained her strong behavior and courage in the face of criticism.

Respecting human rights, Queen Elizabeth showed with her strength and courage that women can be sovereign in a world dominated by patriarchy.

Behind the traditional queen image, there was a modern, strong, brave, sovereign, tough and colorful woman. Queen Elizabeth was a colorful and brave ruler for world societies.

People criticized King Charles for his behavior, King Charles is traumatized by the sudden death of his mother.

There is pressure and anxiety on King Charles due to the death of Queen Elizabeth.

A new era begins for England and the whole world A new life begins for King Charles.

Queen Elizabeth was a very important and colorful personality socially.

Even in matters within the royal family, Queen Elizabeth showed strong courage.

Queen Elizabeth was a very important ruler for the whole world with her kindness, grace, strength and courage.

Respecting ethnic, cultural differences and all gender identities, Queen Elizabeth respected human rights.

While violence against Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals has been legitimized in all societies of the world, Queen Elizabeth has shown that women can dominate as a female ruler.

Queen Elizabeth set an example for women as a ruler with her strength and courage.

As a female monarch in the heteropatriarchal world, Queen Elizabeth made the existence and power of women accepted by the world societies and gave a lesson to the whole world that women can be strong.

Queen Elizabeth was the symbol of power for Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals who were marginalized, excluded from society, whose right to life was violated, and who faced social violence.

England and the whole world will miss Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth of England a symbol of woman’s power.

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