Vienna Most Livable City

Story by Ajda Ender

In Vienna, Austria, people’s rights to life are respected.

Vienna has been named the most livable city in Europe.

Vienna is the best city in terms of quality of life.

The high and quality living standards in Vienna and the respect for human rights in the society make Vienna the most livable city.

In Vienna, Austria, the human rights and life rights of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals are respected and their right to life is protected.

Irregular migrants, Syrians, Afghans, and Pakistanis in Istanbul are creating unrest in society because they cannot adapt to society:

Uneducated irregular refugees from underdeveloped countries become violent and commit social violence.

Harassment and threat to society by irregular migrants in Istanbul poses a danger to Istanbul.

Because societies have cultural and social differences, irregular refugees cannot adapt to the society in the countries they migrate to.

Irregular migrants from underdeveloped countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan threaten the society.

The social and cultural incompatibility of irregular migrants causes a social earthquake.

Irregular immigrants in Istanbul apply social, psychological, physical, sexual violence and harassment to the society and commit crimes. Irregular immigrants who use violence should be punished by law.

Irregular refugees from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, where there are no human rights and right to life, are uneducated and ignorant about human rights.

Iranian woman Mahsa Amini died after Iranian police beat her into a coma for not wearing a hijab.

Mahsa Amini, who was beaten to death by the Iranian morality police, proves that there are no human rights in Iran.

Iran, the lagging country, is committing crimes against humanity by interfering with people’s lives and attacking their right to life.

The police do not have the right to interfere with people’s lives and clothing, the police in Iran are committing hate crimes by interfering with people’s lives and clothing, and they act against human rights.

People do not live in Iran, people in Iran are oppressed and threatened with the death penalty.

People in Iran are under the threat of social, psychological, emotional, physical and violence.

The death penalty is not a legal punishment, the death penalty is massacre, and it is against human rights.

In underdeveloped country Iran, the death penalty is applied, which is against human rights.

Iran’s underdeveloped reactionary mentality is applying violence and pressure to society.

Iran’s violent mentality, which is against human rights, threatens people with the death penalty and usurps their right to life.

People do not live in Iran, which usurps people’s freedom of thought and expression,They are in fear under threat and pressure.

The purpose of the violence and oppression mentality in Iran is to enslave people by creating fear in the society.

The mentality of slavery and violence is the diseased mentality of undeveloped uneducated ignorant societies.

Iran needs education to respect people’s right to life.

Iran should respect human rights.

To live is a human right.

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