UK Batmobile Seized By Cops On Moscow Street

This footage shows a life-sized and fully-functional ‘Batmobile’ imported from the UK after being stopped by Russian cops for allegedly driving with no licence plates.

The car that was seized in the Russian capital, Moscow, appears to be same as one of four in the world that comes complete with a thermal imager and a “gun” on the bonnet.

It was imported from the UK according to Russian media.

Video Credit: CEN/@antonshaparin

In October last UK media confirmed that a 20-foot working Batmobile was on sale in the country for an eye-watering 55 million RUB (686,000 GBP) although it is unclear if this is the same one.

The footage shows the vehicle parked on the side of the road after being stopped by police.

In the clip, the black car – which looks like an exact replica of the vehicle made famous by the hit Hollywood movie – can be seen as policemen are standing nearby.

The moment was captured by many onlookers who stopped to film on their mobile phones.

According to local media, police pulled the car over after noticing it allegedly was being driven without licence plates.

The two-seater coupe which made UK headlines last year was built-in 2018 measures six metres (19.7 feet) in length and four metres (13 feet) wide and weighs over one and a half tonnes.

The car is equipped with a five-litre V8 engine with a capacity of 502 horsepower. At the time it was being sold it was made clear it was not suitable for ordinary roads due to its size and it can only be transported on special vehicles in urban areas.

Russian company FastBoomPro have installed several upgrades on the car, including automatic doors, armoured glass and a quick-detachable steering wheel, similar to racing cars.

As many videos quickly spread throughout the social media, netizens didn’t hesitate to comment.

‘Daniyar Temirovich’ sarcastically said: “Batman charged”.

Meanwhile, another internet user named ‘Dauren Bazarbayev’ answered: “This case can maximum be fined with 2800 RUB (33 GBP)”

Video Credit: CEN/@FastBoomPro Moscow (archive)
Archive Story – 20-Foot Working Batmobile Up On Sale For 685k GBP

According to preliminary data, the car was transported to Russia from Great Britain and its approximate value is 73 million RUB (858,300.00 GBP).

The identity of the owner remains unknown along with any charges they may possibly face over the incident.

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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