20-Foot Working Batmobile Up On Sale For 685k GBP

This stunning 20-foot functioning Batmobile – one of four in the world and which comes complete with a thermal imager and a “gun” on the bonnet – has been put up for sale 686,000 GBP.

The Batmobile, a recreation of the vehicle from the 2016 Batman Vs Superman film, has been put up for sale on the website avto.ru, for 55 million RUB (686,000 GBP).

Video Credit: CEN/@FastBoomPro Moscow

The two-seater coupe was built in 2018 and its current mileage is 120 kilometres (74 miles).

It measures six metres (19.7 feet) in length and four metres (13 feet) wide and weighs over one and a half tonnes.

Credit: CEN/@auto.ru
Real “Batmobile” with a gun and an tank engine for sale in Russia

The car is equipped with a five-litre V8 engine with a capacity of 502 horsepower.

The car is complete with a thermal imaging camera and a replica “gun” on the bonnet.

The owner Alisher Punk says there are only four such cars in the world, two in the UAE, one in the USA and one in Russia.

Credit: CEN/@auto.ru
Real “Batmobile” with a gun and an tank engine for sale in Russia

To convert torque to speed, an automatic transmission was installed in the Batmobile. The car is not suitable for ordinary roads due to its size and it can only be transported on special vehicles in urban areas.

Russian company FastBoomPro have installed several upgrades on the car, including automatic doors, armoured glass and a quick-detachable steering wheel, similar to racing cars.

Credit: CEN/@FastBoomPro Moscow
Real “Batmobile” with a gun and an tank engine for sale in Russia

A previous Batmobile was sold on the website with an asking price of 1 million EUR (888,905 GBP).

The car will be kept at the Oscar Club car space in Moscow until it is sold.

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