Trans Woman Journalist in Society

Story by Ajda Ender

For years I tried to live as a surviving trans woman in a heteropatriarchal society.

I have always defended my Trans Woman Identity.

I was born a woman and I live as a woman.

In my struggle for life, I fought the violence that the heterosexist dominant society inflicted on me for years.

I could not enter my own house because I am a trans woman.

For years, I struggled with the social, economic, physical and psychological violence that the heteropatriarchal society inflicted on me.

In the hate crimes committed against me, my right to live and shelter was usurped by the patriarchal society.

I fought for years against the violence inflicted on me by the heteropatriarchal society, and I won.

I showed the whole world that Trans Woman can survive in heteronormative societies.

I broke the traditional rules of heteropatriarchy and showed the power of my Trans Woman identity.

I showed the whole world that I can break the traditional rules of heteropatriarchal societies and survive with my Trans Woman Identity.

I declared my victory in the face of patriarchy, which has marginalized me for years and tried to push me out of society.

I am a world famous international journalist and author.

I have a new life.
I have new homes in my new life.
I have economic and social successes in my new life.

The living legend of journalism and master of journalism Michael Leidig has changed my life perfectly.

Michael Leidig is the world’s foremost master of journalism and my journalism teacher.

Michael Leidig gave me life again,

Thanks to all the amazing journalists in Michael Leidig’s news team, I am honored to be a member of Michael Leidig’s news team.

Thanks to Michael Leidig, my master of journalism and my boss, who gave Trans Woman Journalist Ajda Ender the right to work.

I will continue to make people’s voices heard in the world with my international journalism profession.

I will continue to announce to the world the right to life of living things in nature.

My dear father passed away.

Thank you for all the beauty you have given me, my dear father.

Thank you, dear father, for my new and beautiful life.

I continue my life as a very strong Trans Woman Journalist.

I’m Proud of My Journalist Identity,I’m Proud of My Trans Woman Identity.

Trans Woman Journalist Ajda Ender in Heteropatriarchal Society.

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