Neighbors and Threat to Life

Story by Ajda Ender

Violation of people’s right to life by neighbors in apartments and living spaces is increasing.

The threats and pressures of the neighbors continue in the apartments.

Violence begins when people’s freedoms begin to undermine other people’s freedoms.

The behavior of people who cannot draw their boundaries harms the life of society.

The ignorant behavior of uneducated people is a danger to society.

People living in flats are making noise and violating other people’s right to life.

Noisy neighbors inflict emotional and psychological violence on other people in the apartment.

Neighbors, who cause material damage in societies and apply economic violence, violate people’s rights.

Neighbors who cause financial damage to their neighbors should compensate their neighbors for their losses.

In societies, people should respect their right to life and their right to shelter.

Gender-based hate crimes are committed in the apartments.

Women’s, transgender women’s and LGBTI individuals’ right to live and shelter are usurped, and violence is practiced.

The sexist hate crimes of neighbors in apartments have been legitimized in societies for years.

Neighbors who spy on the house violate privacy by spying on the houses of people living in apartments.

Neighbors who gossip inflict emotional and psychological violence on people.

Curious and asking questions, neighbors who do not respect privacy violate the privacy of private life with the questions they ask.

Neighbors who use physical violence are life threatening for those living in apartments.

When people who are faced with neighbor violence in world societies apply to the court, the courts do not produce a solution.

Social, economic, physical, sexual and psychological violence by neighbors in societies has been increasing for years.

Societies need to be educated about respecting people’s right to life.

Neighbors who are uneducated, use violence and do not respect the right to life should be punished by law.

Violence against people’s right to life is prohibited in the European court of human rights.

The right to life and shelter is a human right and people’s right to life and shelter must be protected.

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