Traditional Civil Servant Mentality

Story by Ajda Ender

Officials in government institutions should make government procedures for people in society.

The traditional civil servant mentality that has emerged in state institutions for years makes the work of the society difficult.

The traditional patriarchal mentality in world societies continues in state institutions.

Civil servants who do not do the legal procedures of the people who go to state institutions inflict psychological and social violence on people.

The duty of civil servants in government institutions is to carry out the legal procedures of the people.

Officers who do not fulfill their duties, neglect their duties or abuse their duties are legally committing crimes.

The sullen civil servant behavior that has been traditional for years, hiding behind their desks in government offices, does not allow the society to ask questions.

Signs saying “don’t ask questions and don’t consult us” in government offices have become traditional for years to complicate the lives of societies.

Complicating very easy legal procedures, civil servants inflict behavioral torture on societies.

Violence against gender identities in government institutions has become a classic for years.

Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals face the hateful behavior of civil servants in government institutions.

Emotional and social violence by civil servants against Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals has been legitimized for years.

Hate crimes have been committed for years in state institutions where human rights have been violated.

State institutions in which ignorant people, who do not know international human rights conventions and international law, work as civil servants, harm societies.

The duty of government institutions and civil servants in world societies is to serve the society.

Civil servants who do not fulfill their duties and inflict violence on society should be punished by law.

Civil servants in government institutions have been making people in society vulnerable for years, and they have been causing material and moral damage to societies.

The traditional mentality of civil servants who use violence against society with their undeveloped behaviors and cannot improve themselves needs to be improved

Legitimizing civil servant violence in state institutions and legitimizing the traditional civil servant mentality is a crime and is against human rights.

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