Religion and Provocation

Story by Ajda Ender

In a world where disrespect for people’s gender identity, religion, language and race is widespread, clergy who incite societies by using religion commit hate crimes.

The clergy, who use religion as a provocation and incite the society to crime and hatred, target Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women, and incite the society to crime.

In the world’s societies, clergy say that the cause of pandemics, diseases and earthquakes are Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals, making ignorant hate speeches and provoking the society with their poisonous rhetoric.

Clerics, who have caused murders, physical and psychological violence in societies with their provocative poisonous hate speech, have been dragging societies to crime for years.

Societies should respect people’s gender identities, religions, languages and races.

Hate attacks against people’s gender identities are legitimized all over the world.

Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals targeted by the clergy face physical and psychological violence on the streets and in society.

By using religion for provocation, the clergy who instill crime in societies are violating the right to life of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

Religious leaders who incite communities to provocation and hate crimes should be punished by law.

Clerics, who drag societies to crime and hatred with their provocative rhetoric, endanger the lives of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals and cause them to live under social threat.

Societies inflict social, economic, physical, psychological and sexual violence on Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals due to provocations by clergy.

Attacking people’s gender identity is illegal and against human rights.

Clergy should respect people’s gender identity.

Using religion for provocation is against the law and against human rights.

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