Freedom of Speech and Mental Cage

Story by Ajda Ender

People’s freedom of speech and freedom of thought are usurped in societies.

In world societies, people are punished for expressing their thoughts.

Societies that imprison people who are not allowed to speak in mental prison are usurping people’s right to think.

Freedom of expression is a human right.

Under the threat of arrest and imprisonment, people cannot express their thoughts.

Protest is a human right, people can protest within the rules of law.

In the world’s societies, people’s right to protest on the street is being violated, the police are using violence and arresting people.

The usurpation of freedom of expression and violations of rights are legitimized in the world’s societies.

The system that wants to turn people into puppets violates people’s right to think.

People sentenced to live in a mental cage are sent to prison by the courts when they express their thoughts.

People should express their thoughts within the rules of law, there should be freedom of speech within the rules of law.

Attacking people’s right to life by usurping freedom of thought is social torture.

The freedom of thought of people should be respected in world societies.

Societies without freedom of thought cannot develop and progress.

For the development of societies, people should be able to express their thoughts within the rules of law.

The European Convention on Human Rights includes freedom of expression.

Confining people to mental cages is a crime and against human rights.

Violating people’s freedom of expression is a crime and is against human rights.

World societies should respect people’s freedom of thought.

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