White and Black, America

Story by Ajda Ender

Racist hatred and discrimination against black people is seen in societies in America and all over the world.

The hate perspective that criminalizes black people is applied in the street and in all areas of society.

Ethnic cultural racism has been going on for years all over the world.

Black people who are declared guilty and detained by the police while walking on the street because of their race and color are the target of racist hate attacks by the police.

Black people killed by the police because of their black race are being cut off from life by hate attacks.

Black people are the target of hate speech and hate attacks by inadequate, undeveloped, uneducated police on human rights.

Black people, who are the target of the exclusionary behaviors of the societies, have to live from the target of verbal and behavioral harassment and attacks.

The fact that the American police tortured and killed black people who said they couldn’t breathe is an indication of the police’s disrespect towards black people and social exclusionary hate behavior.

A humiliating and marginalizing language of harassment and hatred is used in society against black people who encounter the hate language of the society while walking on the street.

Those who use the word black to humiliate and harass black people are committing crimes against humanity and racial hate crimes.

Racist disrespect to black people who face racist and hate discrimination in all areas of social life is legitimized in the world’s societies.

The language of racial hatred is used against black people who are faced with the hateful gaze and racist hatred of people when they get on the subway.

The right to life of black people, who have become the target of social torture and racist attacks, is being usurped.

Police should be given human rights training on the fact that it is a crime to use violence and torture against people because of their race and gender.

It is a crime against humanity to limit black people’s freedom to live and exclude them from society.

Societies should be educated that it is a crime to use violence and torture against people because of their race and gender.

The violence and racist hate behavior of the American police against black people is an attack on human rights.

Racist violence by the police must be punished by law.

American society must respect people’s race and right to life.

Racism is poison.

Violence is a disease.

All people, white or black, have the right to live.

America and all world societies must respect people’s race, gender, language, religion, right to life and human rights.

The right to life of all people, white and black, must be protected.

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