Police Violence and Torture in World

Story by Ajda Ender

In America, Europe and all over the world, the police use violence and torture people in society.

The police inflict physical, psychological and social violence and commit hate crimes against people because of their gender and race.

Physical, psychological and social violence and torture by the police against trans women, LGBTI individuals and women are legitimized in world societies.

The police torture Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals physically and socially on the streets and in their living spaces. They usurp their right to life.

Because of their race, the police inflict violence on people and usurp the right to life of people of different races.

The job of the police is to serve the community.

Social torture practices of policemen by misusing their duties are crimes and policemen should be punished by courts.

Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women who are targeted by the heterosexist male-dominated violent society, who are subjected to social, physical abuse and violence, are forced to live with social and economic difficulties under the threat of harassment and violence.

Police inflict physical, psychological and social torture on people of all genders in the world’s societies.

Police officers who commit sexist and racist hate crimes, perpetrate social torture and violence should be fired from the police profession.

The police have no right to use violence and torture.

In the world’s societies, police need to respect people’s gender and race.

The European Convention on Human Rights prohibits violence against people because of their gender or race.

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