Press and Fame Drunks

Story by Ajda Ender

World societies and all people in societies need to respect the press and journalists.

Attacking the press by celebrities intoxicated with fame is violence against the journalism profession.

Artists, athletes, politicians, all famous people in the society should treat the press and journalists with respect.

Media, which is the fourth power in world societies, is the most important power that makes people’s voices heard to the world.

The whole world saw the respect shown to the press by Lady Gaga, who lifted the fallen member of the press at the Oscar award ceremony.

Celebrities can maintain their fame if they can get a place in the press.

Celebrities can be recognized more and their voices heard through the press.

Some famous people use violence against the media.

People who become famous thanks to the press use violence against members of the press after they become famous.

As long as the press publishes celebrities in the media, the fame of famous people continues.

Some celebrities intoxicated with fame, celebrities who attack the cameras of press members and apply physical violence to members of the press are doomed to disappear.

Some celebrities who usurped the rights of members of the press to make interviews, take photos and do journalism have been forgotten, nobody remembers the celebrities who were drunk with this fame.

The healthiest thing for the media to do is not to publish photos, interviews and videos of celebrities intoxicated with fame.

It is the media that makes people famous.

The media can end the fame of celebrities intoxicated with fame if they want.

The pressure and violence applied to the media by famous people who are known, famous and rich thanks to the press is the violence applied to journalistic rights.

Celebrities intoxicated with fame are doomed to oblivion.

The power of journalism is the most influential power in the world.

Journalism is the spokesperson of the society.

Journalists must protect the rights of people in society.

The society has the right to receive news from newspapers, televisions and radios.

It is the right of journalism to shoot with a camera, take pictures, make interviews.

News photo, news video, news interview have document value.

People cannot prevent journalists from making videos, taking photographs, conducting interviews and reporting.

Violence and pressure applied by celebrities to the media is legally a crime.

Celebrities who prevent members of the press from taking photos or videos and who use violence against members of the press should be punished by law.

Journalists don’t take orders from anyone.

No one can give orders to the journalist.

Journalism is the most prestigious profession in the world, journalism is courage.

Journalists don’t need celebrities.

Celebrities need journalists.

The profession of journalism is the most important profession that educates, develops and changes world societies.

Celebrities should respect the human rights of members of the press, their right to life, and their journalistic profession.

Celebrities who prevent journalists from taking photos and videos are attacking their journalistic rights.

Lady Gaga respected the profession of journalism and the professional rights of journalists at the Oscar awards ceremony.

Lady Gaga’s respect for journalists at the Oscars is exemplary to all celebrities.

It is a crime to use violence and pressure on journalists.

The profession of journalism should be done with courage.

Journalism is to be the voice of the world community.

Journalism is to be the spokesperson of world societies.

Journalism is fearless.

Journalism is independence.

All world societies should respect the journalism profession and journalists.

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