Aesthetic Violence and Social Pressures

Story by Ajda Ender

For years, people have been subjected to violence in the world’s societies because of their physical appearance.

Emotional and psychological violence is applied to people because of the appearance of their faces and because of their weight.

Due to the aesthetic pressures created by societies, people undergo plastic surgery and their lives are in danger.

There are people who get sick or die from plastic surgery.

People who are exposed to social and psychological violence because of their physical appearance fall into depression.

In the world’s societies, people are worried about their appearance and have hair transplantation, plastic surgery on their faces, and fat removal from their bodies.

Aesthetic and beauty concerns imposed by societies on people create pressure on people, and they inflict social and psychological violence on people.

Overweight people are subjected to social and psychological violence in society.

People in society are exposed to psychological and social violence because of the appearance of their faces.

People’s bodies can be overweight or thin.

Aesthetic surgeries and muscular bodies have turned into commerce in world societies.

In societies, people are pressured for plastic surgery.

Due to aesthetic pressures, people have to give up their natural appearance.

A healthy body, beauty and aesthetics are the natural images of human beings.

Health, aesthetics, beauty is to eat healthy, to live healthy.

In societies, hate speech is made against people because of their physical appearance.

It is a crime to use hate speech and violence against people because of their physical appearance.

Forcing people to have plastic surgery is a crime and violence.

Societies should respect people’s physical appearance.

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