Ajda Ender – I Was Reborn In The Ice-Cold Hostel – I’m Not A Slave To The Patriarchy

Story by Ajda Ender

Sexist, hate, discriminatory violence has been used against me for years. Since I am a trans woman, the heteropatriyarka society, the male-dominated violence society wanted to enslave me, inflicted violence on me, usurped my rights to life.

For years, my father has been violent against me, my family has been violent against me, they have used social, economic, sexual, physical and psychological violence against me in schools and in all areas of society, they harassed and threatened me many times in the society. I defended my rights. I managed to survive.

For years, social, economic, sexual and physical psychological violence has been used against me in the society, my housing rights have been usurped, my life rights have been usurped, I cannot enter my house.

Because I couldn’t get into my house, I started living in a hostel, I was reborn in an ice-cold hostel, I started life again, I am an international journalist known all over the world.

I am a globally recognized human rights defender.

In a heterosexist, heteronormative society, I struggle with dignity to survive for years with my Trans Woman Identity, I defend my rights to life with dignity, I am a survivor.

In the European Conventions of Human Rights, in the United Nations Conventions, sexist discrimination is a crime, all other discrimination is a crime, violence against people is a crime.

Thank you for the new life you gave me  Michael Leidig, one of the most important journalism masters in the world.

I am a very strong Trans Woman, I Love My Trans Woman Identity.

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