Journalism Victory

Story by Ajda Ender

In the world of journalism, those who disinform the society who make false news for the sake of hiding the social facts are not journalists, these people are slaves of disinformation.

Journalism should be able to report fearlessly about social, economic, psychological, physical, sexual violence, usurpation of the right to life and social events in societies.

Those who sleep and manipulate the society with disinformation like a wonderland movie without showing the realities in the society are not journalists, but the disinformation news slaves of the governments.

Disinformation news made to put societies to sleep is not newsworthy.

Disinformation news made to put societies to sleep is not newsworthy.

People who are slaves of governments by reporting disinformation have no journalistic value.

Cowardly, impersonal, powerless, incompetent people become slaves of governments and spread disinformation news.

Disinformation journalism, which usurps the right of societies to receive real news, wants to make societies slaves of states and institutions.

Those who do not make social facts visible are not journalists, they are powerless people.

Journalism is a social detective, it should boldly investigate the events in the society and report the facts to the society in a manner appropriate to the profession of journalism.

The person who restricts people’s freedom of expression while interviewing is not a journalist, these people are incompetent puppets of institutions and governments.

It is against human rights that the slave media, which restricts the viewing of social facts with disinformation news, manipulates societies.

People who put society to sleep by making disinformed news have no self-respect.

A self-respecting journalist is a journalist who presents real news to the public.

It is legally a crime for the media, which is afraid of governments and institutions, and is the slave of governments, to restrict the public’s speech.

Societies that cannot express themselves begin to get sick.

In societies that cannot express themselves, a social and psychological war begins.

It is a legal right and a human right for societies to express themselves.

The spokesperson of the citizen is the press. As the spokesperson of the citizen, the responsibility of the press is important.

The press is freedom of thought.

The press, which has the right to report freely, is the spokesperson of societies.

The press has the power to criticize and scrutinize governments and institutions on behalf of the public.

The press should always defend the democratic life and the press should always stand by the people.

Journalism should be the protector of the rights of the people.

The right to be informed is a human right.

Journalism should not obey governments and institutions.

Journalists should not be on the side of governments and institutions.

Journalism must ask bold questions to governments and institutions.

Governments and institutions should answer journalists’ questions.

It is legally a crime for governments and institutions to use violence against journalists who ask questions.

Journalism and the media should be able to report independently and boldly.

Journalism takes strength and courage.

A journalist is a social doctor.

Journalism is bravely telling the truth.

Authority and pressure cannot be established on journalism.

Journalists do not take orders, journalism is independence and freedom.

Journalism is not slavery, journalism is courage.

Journalism should be a brave defender of social and human rights.

Being able to report social facts and publish them in newspapers without fear is a victory and success.

Journalists are the spokespersons of societies

It is against the profession of journalism and a crime to silence the society and hide the social facts.

Real journalism is victory.

Journalism is victory.

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