Iran Morality Police

Story by Ajda Ender

After the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran, Iranian society is trying to regain its right to life.

The Morality Police in Iran acts against human rights and inflicts social, psychological and physical torture on the public because of their clothing and lifestyle.

Underdeveloped, condemned to the cage of ignorance, Iran is trying to impose a reactionary mentality on society.

Iran’s dark, reactionary, undeveloped mentality is trying to enslave the society.

The behavior of the morality police in Iran to control people’s clothing and lifestyles is the result of a sick reactionary mentality.

Immorality is not different genders, different clothing, different lifestyles.

Iran, the enemy of Trans Women, Women, LGBTI Individuals, is attacking their right to life and human rights.

Immorality is to usurp people’s social, life, shelter and health rights.

Immorality is violating people’s right to life and acting against human rights.

Immorality is to apply social, economic, psychological, physical, sexual and emotional violence to people.

Immorality is the usurpation of people’s social, life, housing and health rights.

Immorality is to use violence against people because of their religion, race, language.

Immorality is to use violence against people because of their gender.

Iran’s reactionary mentality, which tortures society by hiding behind the morality police, violates human rights and commits crimes against humanity.

The morality police cannot inflict violence on people because of the way they dress and their way of life, and they cannot put pressure on society.

The morality police cannot dominate the society, and cannot inflict violence on people because of their gender, clothing style and lifestyle.

The way people dress and live should be respected.

Societies have freedom of life styles and freedom of expression.

The Iranian mentality, which is condemned to ignorance, applies mental and social torture to the society in order to create a reactionary society.

Unenlightened, dark minded Iran uses morality police to commit crimes against humanity to create a dark society.

Iran’s reactionary mentality, condemned to darkness and ignorance, is trying to drag Iranian society into darkness and ignorance.

Iran’s mentality condemned to dark ignorance is committing hate crimes against Trans Women, Women, LGBTI Individuals.

The duty of the police is to serve the society, the social, psychological, emotional and physical violence of the police against the society is a crime and against human rights.

It is a crime against humanity that Iran tortures society with a dark, reactionary and undeveloped mentality.

Iran needs to respect people’s gender, life rights, clothing styles, lifestyles, races, religions, languages and human rights.

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