Human Rights in Society

Story by Ajda Ender

People’s gender identity, religion, language and race should be respected in society. Crimes of hate and discrimination are against human rights.

Discrimination crimes are prohibited in society and in social life. International conventions, criminal laws prohibit discrimination of gender identity and religion, language and racial discrimination. It is a crime to usurp people’s social, life, health, housing and all rights, to show violence to people. Showing their religion and language as a target is a crime of discrimination. Discrimination and hate crimes in social life, in the society, people are psychologically tortured, physical violence is shown, there are people who are under social pressure.

In social life, a trans woman who walks on the street is fined, the reason for the punishment is cited as polluting the environment according to the law because she is walking on the road, the act of degrading trans gender identities, illegal, against human rights, psychologically abusing and violence is applied to trans women. Trans women are being harassed and threatened in the streets and in their homes, their rights to live and shelter are being taken away, they are evicted from their homes, they are left homeless. They are forced to live under pressure and threats. The society continues to threaten trans women.

Trans women whose social, economic and living rights are taken away from them are exposed to economic violence, they face difficulties in their working life, they cannot find a job, they do sex work because they cannot find a job, they try to do it. They struggle to survive in trans women whose sex work threatens their health and lives. Trans women’s rights to benefit from their health rights are usurped

People should live freely in their religion. It is a crime of discrimination to show violence to people, to target, to show, to threaten their religion, race and language.

There is a male-dominated society that encourages men who use violence against women and trans women, a male-dominated violent society justifies physical and psychological violence against women and trans women.. The crimes committed by the perpetrators are legitimized. Women and trans women live under threat and pressure.

Societies should respect their gender identity, religion, language, and race. Society is far behind in respect to identity and sexuality. Society needs to be educated. There is hate in society. Hate language and hate behavior are sickness, hate language and hate behavior need to be improved. People’s right to life must be respected.

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