France Paris Violence Against Women

Story by Ajda Ender

In Paris, women protested femicide in the streets.

The progress of femicide in France shows that France is lagging behind in human rights.

The women protesting femicide in the streets in Paris became the voice of women who are trying to be enslaved by the heterosexist dominant reactionary mentality.

The reactionary mentality that legitimizes violence against Women, Trans Women, LGBTI individuals is trying to influence the world.

Women, Trans Women, LGBTI individuals who are psychologically worn out by heteropatriarchal violence are tried to be marginalized by society.

The cries of women protesting Violence Against Women and Femicide in Paris are the cries of Women, Trans Women and LGBTI individuals who are victims of violence all over the world.

The progress of social violence in France, America and all societies in the world should be analyzed macro-sociologically.

Women, Trans Women, LGBTI individuals who do not have safe living spaces are tried to be condemned to insecure and fearful lives.

Women, Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals, whose right to life has been usurped by murders in France, America and the world, have no social and life security.

In a heteropatriarchal world where gender inequality is widespread, sexist hate crimes are legitimized by societies.

Femicide and domestic violence are advancing in America and communal violence is justified.

America is going backwards in human rights by violating human rights.

It is very important to create public opinion on violence against Trans Women, Women, LGBTI Individuals in the world’s societies and to educate societies against violence.

World societies under the influence of reactionary heterosexist violence should be educated about genders and respect for genders.

The mentality that legitimizes violence in France, America and all world societies is an underdeveloped mentality that is experiencing mental collapse.

Social exclusionary behavior is morbid behavior.

Social exclusionary behavior against women, trans women, LGBTI individuals is sexist violence behavior.

Mental collapse breeds social collapse, social collapse legitimizes crimes against human rights.

The reactionary mindset is doomed to live in its mental cage.

The reactionary mentality tries to enslave societies and pull them into its dark world.

Murders, rapes, harassment, violence and the reactionary mentality that usurps the right to life is a threat to world societies.

When the perpetrators of violence in societies are examined, the families of those who commit hate crimes should also be examined

The violence comes from the traditional reactionary heterosexist family structure.

The traditional reactionary minded heterosexist family structure that threatens the world threatens the right to life of Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals.

The heteropatriarchal and reactionary, undeveloped heterosexist family structure is dragging societies backwards with its own dark crimes and violence.

France needs to be educated on human rights.

The undeveloped reactionary mentality makes France a dark society.

Ignorance and violence spread to the society like a contagious disease and the mentality of committing crimes increases in the society.

The dark, reactionary and undeveloped diseased mentality threatens the world’s societies.

In all societies of the world, people should respect all genders.


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