Refugees and Cultural Differences

Story by Ajda Ender

The social and cultural mismatches of refugees cause violence in societies.

In world societies, people may have to migrate from their countries.

Because countries and societies have cultural differences, refugees cannot adapt to the society in the countries they migrate to.

Refugees inflict social, physical, psychological and sexual violence in society.

Refugees create social incompatibility because the cultures of the refugees in their own countries and the social cultures of the countries they migrate to are different.

Refugees inflict social, psychological, emotional and physical violence on Trans Women and Women.

Refugees who immigrated from underdeveloped countries and immigrated from countries where freedom of thought and human rights are absent are inflicting violence on society.

Cultural differences of countries should not be criticized, but refugees need to adapt to the social culture of the societies they migrate to.

Refugees are criticized in the countries they migrate to, they are marginalized in the societies, and the cultural differences cause the refugees to be excluded from the society because they cannot adapt to the society.

Refugees should be educated on human rights rules, legal rules, social and societal culture in the countries they migrate to.

Refugees should be taught that they should behave in accordance with the rules of human rights, the rules of law, and the social and societal culture.

Refugees should be taught not to use social, psychological, emotional and physical violence against trans women and women, and they should be taught that genders should be respected.

In order to protect the health of the communities, health checks of refugees should be carried out.

Refugees in societies are pushed out of society because of their race.

Making racist hate speech against refugees is against human rights and is legally a crime.

People may have to immigrate from their countries due to war.

Wars threaten the right to life of people in world societies.

World societies must respect refugees’ right to life.

Refugees should respect the right to life and human rights of people in the countries they migrated to, respect their culture and behave in accordance with the social culture.

Racism is a crime and against human rights.

To live is a human right.

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