Journalism Master Michael Leidig

Story by Ajda Ender

World famous British Journalist Michael Leidig has created international media journalism that respects human rights, ethnic, cultural and gender differences in the international media agencies he owns.

Journalism master Michael Leidig has created a news team that respects different religions, races, genders and human rights in the international media agencies he owns.

Hate speech against gender, ethnicity, culture and differences is legitimized in the media, and the right to life of people of different genders and cultures is usurped in hate media.

Hate media has emerged that makes hate speech on people’s gender identities, race, religion, cultural differences.

This hate media, which instills hatred and hostile thoughts into the society, commits crimes of racism and hate discrimination and is directing the society to hate crimes.

Journalism master Michael Leidig and his news team set an example to the world media, international media in respecting human rights, different ethnic cultures and genders.

The hate media, which directs the public to hatred, enmity and hate crimes, is instilling toxic thoughts into the society with toxic hate speech.

Hate media using hate language against different gender identities is trying to create hate media slaves in society.

Hate media, which makes sexist hate speech against Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals, imprison the society in the mindset of hate crimes.

Hate media, hiding behind heterosexism, commit hate crimes against Trans Women, Women and LGBTI Individuals, heteropatriarchal hate media commit crimes against human rights.

Hate media, which inoculates sexist and racist hate crimes, is mentally torturing the society.

Heterosexist hate media torture people sociologically and psychologically because of their cultural differences and gender identities.

Heteropatriarchal media using traditional hate language, hiding behind the heterosexist family structure, poisons the society with hate speech against Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women, and drags the society into ignorance and hate crimes.

The heteropatriarchal media, which has become a slave to the hate crimes mentality with its unhealthy thoughts, marginalizes ethnic, cultural differences and different gender identities in society and commits hate crimes.

The hate media, which is a prisoner of ignorance, is trying to create an ignorant society that commits crimes against human rights.

Heteropatriarchal media, which condemns society to live in a mental cage of ignorance, wants to legitimize the language of racist and sexist hatred.

Heteropatriarchal hate media puts pressure on society, drags the community into hostility, heteropatriarchal hate media threatens world societies.

The heterosexist media, which instills in the society the usurpation of the social, economic and life rights of people of different ethnic, cultural and gendered backgrounds, condemns the society to live in an ignorant mental cage.

Journalism master Michael Leidig is a journalism university.

Journalism Master Michael Leidig has created media reporting that respects different ethnicities, cultures and genders, and has taught the world’s societies to respect people of different ethnicities, cultures and genders.

International and world media have a lot to learn about journalism from the master of journalism, Michael Leidig.

British Journalist Michael Leidig is a master of the journalism profession.

The international media and the world must respect human rights.

The international media and the world need to respect the right to life of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women.

The international media and the world need to respect people of different ethnicities and cultures.

Heteropatriarchal media, which uses hate language and commits hate crimes with hostile discourse, is dangerous for world societies.

Hate media using heterosexist hate language threatens world societies.

It is a crime and against human rights for the heteropatriarchal hate media to poison the society with hate speech and to direct the society to hatred, enmity and hate crimes.

Journalism is the most important and prestigious profession in the world.

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