An Escort’s Heterosexist Family Relationships

Story by Ajda Ender

A young handsome escort male reached me.

This young handsome escort man said to me, Ajda Ender, you are a very brave journalist.

This escort man told me that I very bravely told about domestic abuses in the society, he said congratulations to me.

Escort men’s heterosexual family relationships show the swamp hidden within the heterosexist family structure.

This escort man is invited to bed fantasies by heterosexual husband and wife.

The escort man has intercourse with both the woman and the woman’s husband.

The husband and wife, who have sex with the escort man, let their little girls into the bedroom.

Husband and wife, married couple, tell the escort man to have sex with the little girl.

The handsome young escort leaves the married couple’s house, saying that he will not have sex with the little girl.

It is their private life for heterosexual husband and wife or other sex married people to include escorts in their bed fantasies, and privacy should be respected by all.

Heterosexist families who hide behind the heterosexist family structure, show themselves moral, and put their own child in a relationship with the escort man.

The real face of heterosexist families, who hide behind the heterosexist family structure and show themselves moral, is child abuse, domestic abuse and violence.

Harassment, rape, psychological and physical violence within heterosexist families are legitimized and concealed.

The husband and wife are guilty of abuse, violating the physical immunity of the child by including their own children in their sexual fantasies.

It is a crime for a heterosexist family to include their own children in their sexual fantasies, it is sexual harassment, it is a crime, these criminal parents have become slaves of ignorance.

Escort is a profession, the social, health and life rights of the escorts should be protected.

Heterosexism in the swamp of ignorance threatens LGBTI.

Heterosexist families, hiding behind heterosexism, protested threatening LGBTI Individuals.

Heterosexist families targeted LGBTI Individuals and threatened LGBTI Individuals’ right to life.

Heterosexism encourages societies to commit hate crimes against LGBTI individuals and incites the society to hatred, hatred and hostility.

There are heterosexist families that respect the right to life of Trans Women and LGBTI Individuals.

In general, heterosexist families are undeveloped hate criminals condemned to ignorance.

Ignorance shows the helplessness of people, people who commit hate crimes and make hate speech are helpless, they are slaves of ignorance.

Heterosexist families and hate criminals who commit hate crimes should be ashamed of themselves. People who commit hate crimes humiliate themselves.

Those who engage in hateful behavior and those who make hate speech are criminals who have become slaves of ignorance and lack of education and live in the prison of ignorance.

Ignorance is a swamp and a disease.

Those who commit hate crimes are condemned to ignorance.

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