Free Journalism,Free Press

Story by Ajda Ender

It is necessary to create societies all over the world where there is freedom of expression in journalism and the press, and where there is respect for journalism and the press.

Journalism is the most respected and prestigious profession in the world, and journalists are the spokesperson for society.

Freedom of thought and expression is a human right, a right to life.

Journalists and the press should express their opinions respectfully.

Violence is practiced all over the world because of the real news they give to journalists and the press.

Journalists and the press should report the facts to the world community.

Journalists and press reporting the truth cannot be silenced.

Those who use violence against journalists and the press because they announce the truth to the world are committing crimes.

Journalists must announce the social facts, brave journalism is to report the facts.

A tense area is being created against journalists in the world’s societies.

Those who perpetrate violence by making tense rhetoric against journalists in the world’s societies are violating the human rights of journalists.

Journalists and the press should enlighten the minds of the world’s societies.

Journalists and the press should bring the world’s societies from darkness to light.

It is only possible for the world’s societies to come out of the dark to the light with the journalists and the press reporting real news.

A bright world is possible with brave journalists and brave press.

Journalists and the press cannot be silenced, journalists and the press must be brave against all threats.

The dark mentality that uses the language of hatred against the press as a weapon by targeting journalists cannot put pressure on journalists and the media.

The dark mentality that makes hate speech against journalists by creating tense areas is trying to discourage journalists.

Free Journalism, Free Press must have courage all over the world.

Free thoughts cannot be usurped.

It is a crime to use violence against journalists for expressing their thoughts.

Violating the freedom of expression of journalists and the media is against human rights and is a crime.

The dark mindset cannot put pressure on journalists and the press.

Journalists and the press educate the society and bring the society to the bright age.

Journalists and the Press instill a bright mentality and human rights perspective into the society.

World societies have the right to be informed.

Journalists should use the freedom of the press honestly on behalf of the public’s right to receive accurate and honest news and information.

Journalists should fight against all kinds of censorship and self-censorship, and should inform the public in this regard.

The lack of freedom of the press limits other freedoms. The press has been described as the fourth force because it is a tool to keep the public fully and accurately informed about what is going on, and to ensure that governments, institutions, organizations and officials at all levels are scrutinized against and by the public.

Responsibilities such as the public’s right to receive information and the right to access the truth are the duty of journalists. These responsibilities and duties are the most important factor in the emergence of the media as the fourth power.

The homeland of freedom of thought and press is England.

Instead of the authoritarian mentality in the press, a libertarian understanding should prevail.

Journalists should avoid discrimination of social, national, political or other opinions, religion, language, race or gender.

Journalists should defend the universal values of humanity, including peace, democracy and human rights, polyphony and respect for differences.

Journalists must respect the rights and dignity of all nations, all peoples and all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, language, nationality, religion, class or philosophical belief.

Journalists should avoid publications that incite hatred and enmity among people, communities and nations.

Journalism should not attack the cultural values and beliefs of nations, communities and individuals.

Journalists should avoid discourse that legitimizes or encourages violence.

The dark mentality all over the world threatens journalists and the press.

The bright mentality of the journalists and the media should enlighten the world’s societies against the dark mentality all over the world.

Free Journalism,Free Press is Fearlessness.

Free Journalism,Free Press is Courage.


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