Feminism and Sexism

Story by Ajda Ender

Feminism was defined as male hostility in the world and turned into hate speech.

The sexist discrimination crimes of patriarchy formed the sexist hate crimes.

Feminism is the equal right of the sexes to live in world societies.

Those who turn feminism into a hate crime are making sexist hate speech against men.
Violence against men with the discourse of feminism is legitimized in world societies.

There are men in world societies who respect the rights of trans women, lgbt individuals and women to live.

In societies, all men are portrayed as the enemies of trans women, lgbt individuals and women with feminism discourses.

There are men in the world societies who are subjected to violence by their families and women.
There are men who are victims of violence who cannot explain the violence inflicted on them.

Turning feminism into hate speech and hate perspective is a sexist crime.

Turning feminism into male hostility is a crime of sexism, feminism is respecting the equality of the sexes right to life.

Gender Discrimination Crimes are Prohibited in the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Conventions.

World societies should respect all genders.

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