Dreams Come True in England

Story by Ajda Ender

Many countries in the world are going backwards on human rights and social rights.

People are killed and executed in many backward countries due to ethnic, cultural differences and gender identities.

England sets an example to the world in terms of human rights and social rights.

The way Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family defend the rights of LGBTI Individuals and respect their right to life provides human rights education to the entire world.

Princess Diana showed the world the importance of human rights.

Princess Diana supported human rights in her lifetime.

In the modern, developed country of England, people’s rights to life and gender identities are respected.

The participation of the British Police in the activities of LGBTI Individuals is proof that human rights are advancing in the UK.

The British Police’s respect for the social and vital rights of LGBTI Individuals sets an example for the world community.

Great attention is paid to the rights of trans women in the UK.

Transgender people’s rights to life and gender identity of transgender people in the UK are very important issues to get votes

In socially and culturally underdeveloped countries, Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women are executed, they are stoned to death, they are flogged.

In underdeveloped countries, Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women are tortured and killed in public because of their gender identity.

The execution, whipping and stoning of people in underdeveloped countries for their gender identity indicates the mental death of underdeveloped societies.

In the liberal country England, the right to life of all people in society is protected,

England is far ahead in the world in terms of animal rights and the rights of animals to life are protected in England.

England is one of the most important countries in the world, England shows its difference in the world with its social and cultural development.

Protecting the rights of Trans Women, LGBTI Individuals and Women to live safely in the UK gives the world hope for human rights.

Countries where people are tortured by society because of their gender, ethnic and cultural differences need to develop themselves mentally, socially and culturally.

Underdeveloped societies, which are imprisoned in a cage in their undeveloped minds, need to develop themselves socially and culturally and to respect human rights.

In a world where racism, sexist hate attacks, sexist and racist hate speech and social violence are progressing, the UK should be congratulated for its care for human rights.

With its respect for gender identities and the importance it attaches to social, cultural and human rights, England fulfills an important dream in world societies.

Dreams Come True in England

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